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UBC receives $2M gift from RBC Foundation

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The University of British Columbia has gotten a $2 million gift from The RBC Foundation in backing of various maintainable quality tasks over its Vancouver yard. The blessing, part of UBC’s begin an advancement crusade, will be part equitably between The Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) and The Center for Sustainable Food Systems (CSFS) at the UBC Farm. ... Read More »

UBC reveals plans for $18.5 M Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre


A new $18.5-million alumni centre will open at the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus in spring 2015. The centre will be named after prominent B.C. business leader and philanthropist Robert H. Lee in honour of the many contributions he has made to the life of the university. Located centrally on the Vancouver campus at the corner of University Boulevard ... Read More »

Promising discovery in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

University of British Columbia

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have identified a small molecule that prevents bacteria from forming into biofilms, a frequent cause of infections. The anti-biofilm peptide works on a range of bacteria including many that cannot be treated by antibiotics. “Currently there is a severe problem with antibiotic-resistant organisms,” says Bob Hancock, a professor in UBC’s Dept. of Microbiology ... Read More »

UBC technology uses C02 to clean oil and gas wastewater


A team of clean energy researchers at the University of British Columbia has received a $500,000 grant to commercialize a new technology that converts excess carbon dioxide and wastewater from the oil and gas sector into reusable water and valuable chemicals. This development could serve the dual purpose of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions and addressing the issue of decreasing ... Read More »

Most NHL players peak by age 29: study


A new University of British Columbia study identifies when the clock runs out on an NHL player’s peak performance, giving team executives insight into how best to build a roster. The study by Sauder School of Business Prof. James Brander found that the performance of forwards peaks between the ages of 27 and 28. Defencemen are best between 28 and ... Read More »

UBC scientists find new way to mobilize immune system against viruses

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia scientists have uncovered an intricate chain reaction in the body’s immune system and have used the knowledge to develop a new treatment against harmful viruses. Viral pandemics, such as the coronavirus that caused the deadly SARS outbreak in 2002, have caused hundreds of deaths in Canada, yet effective anti-viral drugs are rare. A key element to ... Read More »

Yeast provides genetic clues on drug response

University of British Columbia

Why do people respond differently to the same drug? For the first time, researchers have untangled genetic and environmental factors related to drug reactions, bringing us a step closer to predicting how a drug will affect us. Researchers at the University of British Columbia exposed 6,000 strains of yeast to 3,000 drugs. Yeast strains were modified so their response could ... Read More »

Researchers design trees that make it easier to produce pulp

Researchers have genetically engineered trees that will be easier to break down to produce paper and biofuel, a breakthrough that will mean using fewer chemicals, less energy and creating fewer environmental pollutants. “One of the largest impediments for the pulp and paper industry as well as the emerging biofuel industry is a polymer found in wood known as lignin,” says ... Read More »

UBC Board appoints Dr. Arvind Gupta president and vice chancellor

A renowned expert in research and innovation policy who has forged close collaborations between universities, civil society and business has been appointed the 13th president and vice chancellor of the University of British Columbia. Dr. Arvind Gupta is currently chief executive officer and scientific director of Mitacs, a not-for-profit organization recognized internationally for nurturing the next generation of research and ... Read More »

Canada’s top universities slip in 2014 world rankings


BY KAREN SEIDMAN All three of Canada’s top universities slipped marginally in the 2014 World Reputation Rankings — a sign that the federal government’s pledge in February’s budget to invest $1.5 billion in new research funding may be just what the country’s universities need to bolster their sex appeal in a competitive world market. Although the University of Toronto is ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes