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Universities must prioritize education over athletics


The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote that sport and education should co-exist, as sport is one of the highest of human activities and the closest a person can come to contemplation. Any athlete can attest to a feeling of being out of body while performing at a high level. Perhaps American universities founded their athletic departments on the basis of that ... Read More »

College athletes deserve more from universities


Initially, the idea that college athletes are university employees and could vote to form a union seems absurd. But the more you think about the multimillion dollar business that major college athletics has become, the more you realize that the athletes have a point about their treatment. The National Labor Relations Board ruled last week that college athletes at Northwestern ... Read More »

Majority of Alabama universities slow spending on athletics compared to academics


By Jon Solomon Five of the eight Division I public universities in Alabama experienced academic spending per student grow at a faster rate in 2012 than athletic spending per college athlete. Every university continues to spend far more actual dollars per athlete than per student. But the latest data shows a course reversal, at least for one year, after every ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes