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Cosmetology Career: Dissecting Specializations and Education Programs


Cosmetology school offers many possibilities, and different specializations can emerge from both basic and advanced coursework. Both Marinello and other quality programs offer diversified classes, and many career paths can emerge for students intending to make an esthetician career. Check out the following cosmetology specializations, as they’re entirely viable within the modern industry and offer great professional options:   Skin Treatment Modern cosmetology is ... Read More »

Private universities in Bangladesh: An effective innovation in higher education

Bangladesh Universities

Prof. M. Shamsul Haque For last 20 years the economy of Bangladesh has been growing at the rate of 5% on average. This growth has been witnessed by the changing composition of GDP in the major sectors. Currently over 50% of GDP comes from the service sector and about 30% from manufacturing industries and agriculture contributing to just under 20%. ... Read More »

Study: Student debt worst at universities with highest-paid presidents

Spanish Universities

By Renee Lewis Executives at 25 universities saw 14 percent higher salary increase than national average after 2008 recession Student debt and the hiring of relatively low-paid adjunct faculty rather than full-time professors have grown fastest at public universities with the highest-paid presidents, a new report found. University president pay has risen dramatically in the aftermath of the 2008 financial ... Read More »

Students should choose western Ukrainian universities: Officials

Indian Students

By N Madhav Q&A with medical university officials, Ukraine Ukraine, which sees good interest from Indian students as a destination for medical education and aviation engineering, is facing unrest in the country’s east, creating doubts in the minds of students. Andre Rudy and Jyothir Mayananda at the International Admissions Processing Back-End Office for the medical universities of the Ministry of ... Read More »

Reforms blind to universities’ aims

University of Auckland

By Ananish Chaudhuri Bill to cut size of councils and increase ministerial appointments would undermine institutions’ role in society. A law before Parliament will dramatically change the composition and role of university councils. The council oversees the running of the university, and is empowered to appoint the Vice-Chancellor and shape the university’s mission and goal. The bill, under consideration by ... Read More »

Our first gateway office in the world will be India: Michael. A. McRobbie

IU President Michael McRobbie

Indiana University, ranked amongst the top universities in United States of America will set up a gateway centre in India to facilitate student and faculty exchange. The university will decide on its plan to set up a campus in India only after gaining some experience in India. In a chat with Manu Balachandran, Michael. A. McRobbie, President of Indiana University ... Read More »

Proposed legislation threatens research at universities

University of Notre Dame researchers

Robert J. Bernhard, Daniel J. Hasler and William B. Stephan Researchers at Indiana’s leading universities have a long history of discovery and invention that has improved the lives of people around the world, and which has brought jobs and economic gains to the state. Unfortunately, pending legislation in Congress threatens the ability of our world-class universities – and our peers ... Read More »

Universities need to look beyond higher tuition fees

UK universities

Vice chancellors should join the discussion about alternatives to the current model. Ed Miliband’s promise of “radical” policies for higher education funding is welcome. It reflects the reality of an unsustainable system that will have to be changed whatever happens. As Labour develops its new approach, are England’s universities are up to the challenge they face? Last week the rate ... Read More »

University should growing in quality, not quantity

University of Alabama

BY HENRY DOWNES The University of Alabama has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years and not one of us has been spared the growing pains. Crimson Ride buses packed to claustrophobia-inducing levels have brought unwanted snuggling to our morning commute. Lecture halls numbering in the triple digits have made us wonder if the TA grading our papers can ... Read More »

Universities crippled by database obsession

Jakarta universities

For some time, Indonesian universities and their lecturers have faced a problem. They spend huge amounts of energy and time on trying to satisfy the database obsessions of the higher-education bureaucracy. Almost no day of university life goes by without database obligations. The most recent enigma is the obligation of all certified lecturers to electronically fill in information for the ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes