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How Emerging Technology Enhances Nonprofit Objectives

Engineering Graduate

Now more than ever, nonprofits have the possibility to benefit from emerging technologies by increasing the number of clients served and improving the quality of service. Nonprofit organizations need to leverage technology to enhance the manner in which clients receive services and how social workers present and deliver them. By integrating developing technology, nonprofits possess a method of achieving more ... Read More »

Student research project launches into space

Irish Centre for Composites Research helps bring Limerick students’ project to the International Space Station An Orbital Sciences rocket launched from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in the USA this weekend (Sunday thirteenth July) bringing with it a test composed by Limerick understudies. The understudies from St Nessan’s Community College, Limerick were victors of a rival ‘The Only Way is Up’ ... Read More »

Breakthrough for information technology using Heusler materials

Johannes Gutenberg University_UN

Basis for future development of very high performance spintronic components It is the breakthrough that physicists and chemists around the world have long anticipated and it will play a pivotal role in information technology in coming years. Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have managed, for the first time, to directly observe the 100 percent spin polarization of a ... Read More »

New sensor to detect harmful bacteria on food industry surfaces

  A new device designed to sample and detect foodborne bacteria is being trialled by scientists at the University of Southampton. The Biolisme project is using research from the University to develop a sensor capable of collecting and detecting Listeria monocytogenes on food industry surfaces, thereby preventing contaminated products from entering the market. Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogen that causes ... Read More »

Astronomers discover two new ancient worlds in galaxy next-door


Two new planets orbiting a very old star in our nearby galaxy, known as Kapteyn’s star, are reported in a new study by an international team of astronomers, including researchers from the University of Hertfordshire. One of these planets around Kapteyn’s star could be ripe for life as it orbits at the right distance to allow liquid water on its ... Read More »

Dutch, Indonesian universities develop new solar energy system in Papua

solar energy

A Dutch-Indonesian initiative has developed a new system for photovoltaic (PV) solar energy, offering a solution to rapid increases in electricity demand in Indonesia due to the country’s vibrant economic growth and rising prosperity. Solar energy expert from Twente University, Angele Reinders, who is also the project leader, said the new system could produce about 50,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of ... Read More »

UBC technology uses C02 to clean oil and gas wastewater


A team of clean energy researchers at the University of British Columbia has received a $500,000 grant to commercialize a new technology that converts excess carbon dioxide and wastewater from the oil and gas sector into reusable water and valuable chemicals. This development could serve the dual purpose of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions and addressing the issue of decreasing ... Read More »

7 universities partner with IBM on cognitive computing courses

IBM Watson

By Joshua Bolkan Seven universities in the United States have partnered with IBM to launch cognitive computing courses featuring cloud access to the company’s Watson computer. “Cognitive computing systems,” such as Watson, “learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own,” according to information on IBM’s site. “They help human experts ... Read More »

Bristol universities team up with easyJet for robot plane project

robot plane project

IT could almost be something that has come straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel. But in a case of fact being stranger than fiction boffins at Bristol University and the University of the West of England have joined forces with an airline to work on a space age project. Budget airline easyJet has agreed to work ... Read More »

TGen, George Mason University team on molecular medicine

George Mason University

By Angela Gonzales When Angel Cabrera left Thunderbird School of Global Management in 2012 to become president of George Mason University in Virginia, he didn’t stop thinking about Phoenix. He recently reached out to Jeffrey Trent, president and research director of the Translational Genomics Research Institute, to see how their scientific teams could work together. Now, the university and TGen ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes