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Boon or Bane: The Increasing Number of Engineering Colleges

An obvious choice for every highest scorer in the 10th in Indian society is Science which further accentuates itself towards Engineering. As one of the most booming courses in the country, Engineering aims to provide an excellent blend of academic experience to enhance the skills of the students by laying a strong foundation of fundamental principles of the engineering concepts.


With more and more students opting for engineering college courses, the number of engineering colleges has also seen an exponential rise. According to some reports, this figure has gone up from 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 10,396 for the academic year 2017-2018. Maharashtra alone has 1,564 Engineering Colleges that are AICTE approved. Looking at this rise, a question pops up in the minds that whether this is a boon or a bane to the nation. To get a clear perspective, we must get our pros and cons cards ready! And if you too are interested in analyzing the situation then check out these points we have exclusively listed for you!

Let’s begin with the Pros!

  • An increase in the number of colleges means more opportunities for the students across the country. The colleges become platforms to produce more intellectuals who will later be an asset in the country’s developmental journey.
  • For those who cannot get through the tough entrance exams and secure their seats at IITs and NITs, private colleges become a way to give wings to their dream of becoming an Engineer.
  • The number of diverse engineering institutes also help the students with different financial backgrounds in getting an affordable and quality higher education.
  • With educated minds, the young generation of India is able to earn better livelihoods thereby enhancing the standards of living.
  • This rise in engineering colleges also increase the employment rate in India as many professionals whether they are professors or the peons get a chance to earn a living by working in these institutions.

It’s the time for Cons now:

  • Though there is a rise in the number, that doesn’t signify that there is an increase in the quality of the education imparted at these institutions.
  • The literacy rate of India has still not reached a position where it can match up with the already rising population in the country. Hence, people need more primary level schools than engineering colleges.
  • The number of Engineering colleges are producing n number of However, most of them remain unemployed as job opportunities are less as compared to the number of engineers.
  • As Engineering is getting most of the focus in the educational field, it takes away the importance of other streams to an extent. In many cases, parents force their children to pursue a course in Engineering just for the sake of its popularity and job security which turns out to be an illusion bubble at times.
  • Rather than looking at the increasing number of colleges, the focus should shift to the parameters such as quality education and professors to teacher ratio.

Read all the points? Then there is no doubt that you are juggling between these facts. While the increasing number of engineering colleges seems to be a boon in terms of giving an intellectual platform to a large number of students, the literacy rate of the country moves our thoughts towards the unfortunate situation of primary education in India that needs more focus.

Well, there are always two sides of the same coin and looking at the positive one is definitely not a bad deal. For instance, there are many engineering college courses in Universities like BML Munjal University (BMU) that offer a golden chance to thousands of engineering aspirants by imparting them world-class education from highly-qualified and experienced professionals. Institutes like these also attract well-known companies that provide excellent job opportunities to the students. With such examples present among the number of engineering colleges, this increase highlights itself as a boon for the nation.

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