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Cosmetology Career: Dissecting Specializations and Education Programs

Cosmetology school offers many possibilities, and different specializations can emerge from both basic and advanced coursework. Both Marinello and other quality programs offer diversified classes, and many career paths can emerge for students intending to make an esthetician career. Check out the following cosmetology specializations, as they’re entirely viable within the modern industry and offer great professional options:


Skin Treatment

Modern cosmetology is growing, and many skin treatments have emerged. As new options become available, multimedia has proposed great new options for patients and providers. Beautiful Skin Blog offers excellent field insight, discussing essential oils, facial masks, general skin care and hand treatments. As you progress through cosmetology education, you’ll focus upon hot waxing, tweezing, hair waxing and medical treatments. Each course works alongside others, delivering comprehensive industry approaches for new minds.

While skin treatment is commonly acquired in spas, medical skin treatment is an entirely viable option. However, cosmetologists pursuing such paths require advanced medical training. While beginner skin courses offer in-depth personalized skincare information, medical school certification is often required by those intending to engage laser skin treatment and similar advanced options.


Hair Treatment

Similar to skincare, haircare is highly demanded within the industry. Websites like Vogue.com have created content around modern trends, focusing on yearly styles, runway favorites and even haircare techniques. As a hair technician, cosmetologists focus upon scalp massage, haircut, drying, dying and washing techniques. New estheticians commonly learn practical applications and technical options via mannequin. At advanced levels, students practice on people. Many cosmetology programs offer on-campus salons to assist each student’s in-field resourcefulness.


Makeup Application

Mail application deals with skin tones, trendy looks, shading, skin health and sanitation. Makeup application students normally spend considerable time understanding material compounds, application methods and color matching. Learning individual skin tones is important, as are customer-specified looks. Because every face is different, makeup technicians must wholly grasp application flexibility. Tool disinfection, special effects makeup and even makeup chemistry are common research fields.


Nail Treatment

Modern cosmetology schools have included nail treatment courses. If you’re considering a life in nail technics, creating awesome styles like those featured in TheFashionSpot.com, then nail treatment courses are definitely your ally. Nail treatment courses feature studies surrounding nail trimming, moisturizing, soaking and maintenance. Manicures and pedicures rule this professional sphere, and those intending to learn advanced nail care techniques can expect additional course coverage of artistic nail design and accessory additions. Often, learners engage airbrushing exercises, too, taking ahold of modern technology. Nail treatment courses constantly apply modern knowledge, remaining up to par with new trends.


Medical Realms

Each of the above sections—particularly skincare—can be adapted into medical specializations. While separate medical certification, again, is required by law to perform procedures, basic lessons are procured through cosmetology school. Cosmetology’s doors are open to new, innovative medical leaders, offering jobs in cosmetic surgery, medical spa treatment, anatomy, physiology and even hygiene. While each field is considerably different from its siblings, each is entirely rewarding. As a medical-based cosmetologist, you’ll help patients on a day-to-day basis. Of course, equipment safety is a common learning requirement, as are necessary field procedures. However, medical cosmetology coursework offers a slew of informational wonders.

As you progress through education, you’ll likely engage career professionals. Many cosmetology program providers consider such meetups entirely conductive to your future. Both state and regional-accredited programs offer excellent resources, and each has been crafted to ensure student success. If you’re ready to focus on a specific field, you’re ready to engage education. While basic coursework is required by leading institutions, specialized classes are entirely available at all. Remember: Basic education should come first. While specialization may be an endgame, ground-level coursework is entirely productive, and it’ll prime your skills for future success within the field.

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