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How Emerging Technology Enhances Nonprofit Objectives

Engineering GraduateNow more than ever, nonprofits have the possibility to benefit from emerging technologies by increasing the number of clients served and improving the quality of service. Nonprofit organizations need to leverage technology to enhance the manner in which clients receive services and how social workers present and deliver them. By integrating developing technology, nonprofits possess a method of achieving more reliable service delivery, improved fundraising efforts, advanced outreach skills, and enhanced communication outcomes.

Technology Potential

Technological innovations in the form of mobile, data, and cloud-based solutions provide nonprofits with many opportunities. Some of those include reducing time and costs in the following areas:

  • Service delivery. Nearly all nonprofits use information technology to provide services to clients. Although nonprofits integrate basic techniques into program areas to serve customers, technologies should be frequently re-evaluated for development, such as syncing office databases to portable devices. The result would create a simpler process for nonprofits to report client outcomes to investors. Using information and data to inform programs and service delivery practices is essential to providing scalable services to clients.
  • Fundraising. Most nonprofits rely on special events, foundation proposals, direct responses via mail, major gifts, online giving, and board support to stimulate fundraising endeavors. Although increasing numbers of nonprofits utilize social media, hardly enough are maximizing vital tools such as Facebook’s fundraising functions. Also, mobile technologies, particularly text messaging services and applications, are missed fundraising opportunities for nonprofit organizations. For instance, text-to-give campaigns are increasingly popular methods for donors to contribute to worthwhile causes. Mobile capacities offer nonprofits a powerful way to produce donations during stakeholder engagement.
  • Outreach and engaging stakeholders. Many nonprofits use social media to generate knowledge about their work and the impact it has within the community. They seem to appreciate the value of outreach for increasing engagement and connecting with more constituents. Although nonprofits actively employ social media to solicit donors, few use mobile phone apps for awareness and outreach. Besides increasing fundraising efforts and contributing higher levels of service to clients, integrating mobile technology will allow nonprofits to create a stronger community base and foster greater interactions with donors.

Nonprofit objectives benefit from advances in technology due to reductions in the time it takes to complete services and the cost of conducting them. By becoming educated about the potential to reach more clients, advocating for the creation of joint innovations, and initiating collaboration with donors and the private sector, nonprofits can overcome barriers and strengthen their social impact. Overall, the advocacy and social justice efforts of nonprofits can contribute to the expansion of technology in the nonprofit sector.

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