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5 Excellent Schools for Nursing Students

Nursing is an ever-growing field providing reliable employment for a large swathe of American students. Much has been made of the need for quality patient care as the nation’s population ages, but the situation has not been exaggerated. Nursing jobs are among the best paying, most reliable jobs that are commonly found at all places around the county. With tens of thousands of students entering the field every year, and educational costs always rising, it is important to know where the best nursing education can be had. We’ll profile a few schools, some prestigious, others valuable but not as well known.


  • Lamar University in Texas. $3,120 per semester. Lamar consistently scores high in times of education value for nursing students. As more and more students enter and exit these programs, it starts becoming easy to see where they go, what they get paid, and what value an education from such an institution is for these students overall. Using these numbers, schools like Lamar are among the best anywhere. Tens of thousands of dollars cheaper that the nation’s most well-known schools, Larar nurses nonetheless end up in some of the country’s elite medical care facilities.
  • Stony Brook University. Stony Brook is an online university specifically geared toward nursing students. Once these students have finished their bachelor’s degree or general education requirements elsewhere, the SB program becomes available to them. At less than $3000 per semester this is one of the most economical nurse education options that nonetheless maintains a high level of quality. Accelerated programs can take qualifying students to completion in just 12 months, though most take 24.
  • University of Michigan Flint. Though tuition is somewhat higher than other entries on this list ($4,500+ per semester), and it is in Flint, UMF offers a lot of value to nursing students looking for a quality program that can be completed quickly (in as little as 16 months). UMF offers both traditional and online courses and is the proud choice of thousands of nurses currently working.
  • Chamberlain College of Nursing. $100 per credit hour. Chamberlain distinguishes itself from other names on this list by determining tuition cost by credit hour, not by semester. However, to lock in this great rate, students have to pay $4,200 for the first 6 credit hours. This may end up amounting to a lot of money, but it’s still much less than some of the nation’s most prestigious schools, among whom Chamberlain sometimes finds itself named.
  • University of Massachusetts – Amherst. At $6,615 per semester, this is the priciest school on this list. But this is an internationally respected school, providing 6 veins of study for entering nursing students. These are available for brand new students, as well as nurses who are at various stages of their career. This is an interesting focus for a school as well known as UMA. Professionals who have been on the job for decades can ensure they are equipped with the latest techniques, standards, and best practices, while rubbing shoulders with great thinkers and other students at all stages of their careers.
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