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Deemed university saga puts HRD Ministry in a bind

HRD Minister Smriti Irani

Days after an UGC panel concocted a shocking investigate on deemed universities – prescribing that close to seven of the 41 be boycotted and denied of the regarded to be college status – the union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is gotten in a dilemma.

Spilling over record after document identified with the regarded college adventure, the Smriti Irani headed HRD Ministry is currently pondering on the course to take and submit in the witness of the Supreme Court on the issue.

Sources in the HRD Ministry said that it is considering extremely restricted alternatives. One of these is to just reject the UGC advisory group report entirely – in this way dismissing the very start that 34 of the initially boycotted regarded varsities can be let off. Such a position would be predictable with the HRD Ministry’s stand so far on the matter.

The other alternative is to acknowledge the UGC panel’s furthermore consent to examination of the seven considered varsities in the dock. Notwithstanding, there is a view that examination may be done by the HRD Ministry as opposed to accomplishing it through UGC. In such a circumstance, the HRD Ministry will need to impact a major climbdown and consent to a plan whereby the esteemed varsities that have so far been in the dock- will get a crisp lease of life. It will likewise imply that the service will disassociate itself from two key reports it has supported firmly.

Two of the service’s reports in 2009(tandon council) and 2011 (Committee of Officers) determinedly called for boycotting of a full 44 esteemed varsities contending they were altogether unfit for the once profoundly looked for after label that invests an establishment with degree allowing powers as well as a stamp of value regard that thus draws understudies by crowds.

The three part council set up by then HRD clergyman Kapil Sibal in 2009 had ready for PN Tandon, Prof Goverdhan Mehta, Prof M Anandkrishnan, Prof Mrinal Miri and afterward Joint Secretary Sunil Kumar. This board of trustees had evaluated regarded colleges as ‘A, B and C- with the last drilling down the 44 varsities unfit for the tag.

A 2011 board of officers headed by Secretary Ashok Thakur further embraced the Tandon council report saying that “none of the establishments considered to be colleges set in Category “C” by the Review Committee truly appear to comply with the standards set down in the UGC rules (2000) in admiration of such organizations”.

The most recent UGC board, then again, has contended that the Tandon council did not give sufficient time to the 44 boycotted regarded varsities to react on the issue and that the parameters for reviewing them into A, B,c classification were not imparted to them ahead of time abandoning them poorly arranged. It has additionally recommended that the Tandon board of trustees may have measured up all regarded establishments with uniform measuring sticks which might not have been proper for all.

It has let off upwards of 34 of the varsities free and suggested boycotting of only 7 of them. With two of esteemed varsities recording an interlocutory request in the witness of court testing the UGC board of trustees’ appraisal methodology, stage is currently situated for yet an alternate round of assessment of the 7 varsities- which will in this manner get yet an alternate breather.

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