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Turn that McJob into gold after graduation

Brace yourself for this piece of news – if you’re clutching a degree in your hand, you might have to settle for a low- or medium-skilled job.

According to new research from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), the number of university leavers in the UK has far outstripped the number of advanced employment positions. More than this, one in five people employed in low-skilled jobs hold degree-level qualifications.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find success from the position you’re in. With a degree by your side and a place at the bottom of the ladder, you still have the potential to thrive.

Here are a few jobs that could suit you.

Find your trade

Usually the preserve of early school-leavers, a solid trade doesn’t have to be out of your reach – by applying for gas, welding, painting or electrician courses, you could find an entirely new career path open up to you.

With a degree by your side, whether it’s in civil engineering or mathematics, you’ll be able to make easier work of an electrical job, combining the theoretical and the practical like a plug-fixing Stephen Hawking.

Mixing a degree in business with a trade could also help you corner the market more easily, potentially even setting up your own business and hitting the top of the ladder.

Game the internet

Back in the olden days of the internet, you merely had to create a website with a single decent idea to reap the rewards before being offered your own telly show. But now, as big business muscles in and millions of sites are created, having a site isn’t enough – you’ve got to play the internet at its own game.

If you’ve figured out a good idea for a site, then you’ll have to put your brain to good use by learning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), creating rolling high-quality content and reaching your target demographic.

Although it’s not an easy game to play, a good website with regular visitors can allow you to hit the jackpot.

Stand out for a manager

You might be resigned to working in a job that you feel doesn’t appreciate your potential, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the effort to stand out from the crowd.

Even in the most middling professions, there’s always the wiggle room to push yourself up the career ladder. Keep your boss on your side, don’t be afraid to showcase your abilities every once in a while and try to solve the problems in your workplace, even if you haven’t been asked, through lateral thought.

Despite the number of high-level jobs on the wane, promotions can be achieved, and they could give you enough credibility to finally move into the position of your dreams.

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