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Tips for Exploring a New City as an International Student


Studying abroad is an amazing and exciting opportunity, and if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to do it, it’s something you’ll never regret. If you are getting ready to head off to your new country and city and want some tips for getting the most out of your new environment, we’ve come up with some tips that are perfect for international students.

Aim to learn at least the basics of the language

Whether you want to learn the language of your destination completely (Rosetta Stone is a great choice for doing it in your own time) or you just want enough to get by, it’s definitely a good idea to look at doing so before you leave. That’ll be one less thing off your mind before you go and will make exploring and navigating your way around your new city that bit easier.

Take the time to enjoy being a tourist

Studying abroad is of course a little hectic and stressful at times, especially for the first few weeks when you’re getting settled, so when you first arrive, take the time to explore the city and see lots of things you want to see. This is a really amazing unique opportunity to take a look around and get to grips with the city too.

shutterstockGet chatting to locals and meet new people

Your London student accommodation, and any good accommodation in any location, is a great starting point when it comes to meeting new people, but venturing out and getting chatting to others will be great, especially if you can meet locals. They’ll give you a unique insight into life in the city that is immeasurable and really useful.

Try the local cuisine and drinks

Tasting the local food and drink of your new home is a great way to experience it further and will be so much fun. As well as heading to traditional restaurants, head to things like food markets too as these can be amazing and sometimes a fair bit cheaper too.

Try different modes of transport

Understanding the transport of your new destination is important so take the time to try different ones out, from buses and trams to exploring by foot! Walking can often be the best way to immerse yourself in new surroundings and you can find hidden gems this way.

Invest in a guide book and maps, but don’t be afraid to follow your own path!

Guide books and maps will become your best friend, so invest in a couple of decent ones to take with you. Also, they can only go so far in helping you explore though, as often the best way is to just ditch them and let yourself get a little lost!

Keep a journal or blog to document your experience

Keeping a journal or blog is a great way to help you remember all those amazing memories, and you can record tips and reminders for yourself along the way which is useful, too.

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