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In Panjab University hostels, everyday is a battle they face

Seal_Panjab_UniversityCHANDIGARH: During the survey crusade in Panjab University (PU), practically all understudy gatherings had drilled down commonplace issues confronted by hostellers in their particular motivation. It’s not astounding then that this is the first thing that the understudies need their pioneers to chip away at.

While space smash in lodgings is not another issue, there are various different issues being confronted by occupants of these inns regular, including sanitation, cleanliness and upkeep issues.

The space smash in lodgings is not simply restricted to the more than 500 understudies who are waitlisted after all the seats are topped off on the premise of legitimacy; it goes past to understudies who need to change in rooms implied for only two individuals. In more up to date inns, for example, young ladies’ lodging number 6, rooms implied for two persons suit upwards of four and in the more seasoned lodgings, for example, 1, 2 and 3, two individuals are balanced on a routine premise in rooms implied for only one individual. In spite of the opening up of the recently built inn number 9, which has extra 180 rooms, various young ladies needed to search for settlement somewhere else.

The story doesn’t end once you are in a PU lodging. For a lot of people, it turns into an every day battle while others get used to the schedule. The story goes past discovering not too bad nourishment, which most understudies say is normal and endure for the minimal effort it offers. It incorporates washing garments as there are insufficient practical clothes washers and the launderer office is not accessible in all lodgings. Now and again, you may not discover a dustbin set up to dump the refuse you gather in the wake of cleaning your room. Springs are not exchanged on with the exception of when winters set in legitimately. At the point when the gentle cool in the morning and nighttime goes before and takes after the winter months, most need to make do with frosty water.

At the young men’s lodgings, upkeep is again a huge issue with electric gear, for example, springs and coolers being out of request. Cleanliness is not kept up and flasks, on occasion, serve stale sustenance. Young men of lodging number 6 as of late even constrained the bottle to close down as the foreman was serving items well past their ‘best before’ date.

“One thing that ought to be altered is cleanliness. Dustbins ought to be introduced on all floors. Additionally, mess nourishment could be moved forward. Concerning the kitchen, we don’t get to perceive how hygienically it is arranged so can’t say anything. Else, we are accustomed to living with reptiles in the rooms,” said an occupant of young ladies’ inn 6.

An inhabitant from a young men’s lodging said that stopping was a significant issue along these lines was water supply. “Individuals leave the crisp water taps on and no one from the inn staff tries to check around evening time. Whoever gets up ahead of schedule need to turn them off,” said Ranvir from inn number 4.

Young ladies, specifically, are miserable with the due dates set by lodgings. “Timings ought to be stretched out as in some cases we are held up for bona fide reasons,” said Sunita, from lodging number 2. “There are long lines outside the bathrooms and winters are especially troublesome as water requires some serious energy to hotness. Anyhow I figure that is valid for all lodgings,” she included.



Both in the young ladies’ and young men’s inns, understudies need to manage lacking carport. PU had prior asked understudies not to bring vehicles, yet needed to change that lead because of safety from hostellers. Other than the stopping inside lodgings, four-wheeled vehicles could be seen lined up close by the streets, particularly at night when understudies come back from their classes and excursions. Other than that, there are no stopping sheds for vehicles of hostellers either. Managing this issue would need determining the bigger issue of carport crunch everywhere throughout the facilities.


Understudies living in PU inns ponder numerous everyday issues like cleanliness, non-useful electric supplies and poor containers. While numerous understudy bodies have requested an expand in the quantity of clothes washers and change in general upkeep, numerous electric machines can even now be seen out of request in both young men’s and young ladies’ inns. Different issues incorporate absence of clothing office and unhygienic toilets.

*space crunch

With understudies expanding, particularly the degree of young ladies, situates in PU lodgings never appear to be sufficient to pander to the expanding interest. For the 1,530 seats accessible over 18 inns in PU, around 2,000-3,000 applications are gotten consistently. While an alternate inn is continuously arranged by the college, measures like obliging understudies in homes accessible around the city has additionally been recommended by bad habit chancellor Arun K Grover. Despite the fact that a reasonable thought, it would need basis from the understudy board.

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