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Imperial College London and Zhejiang University launch data science collaboration

Imperial College London

A portion of the UK and China’s heading information researchers will collaborate at another London lab on account of an association between Imperial College London and Zhejiang University (ZJU).

The declaration of the Imperial ZJU Joint Lab for Applied Data Science will be made at a real ZJU-Imperial gathering ‘Huge Data: Healthy Citizens, Smart Cities’, held at ZJU’s facilities in Hangzhou, China, over Friday 18 and Saturday 19 July 2014.

The news comes only one month after Premier Li Keqiang went to the UK to fortify exchange, examination and instructive ties between the UK and China.

At the ZJU-Imperial occasion, all around prestigious masters in science, designing, drug and business – from Imperial, a world main ten college, and ZJU, one of China’s heading organizations – are gathering to trade plans on the eventual fate of information science and its application.

Sir Keith O’nions, President of Imperial College London, will convey the Qi Zhen address on ‘Globalization and the 21st Century University’ amid the meeting. He said:

“Uniting information researchers from two of the world’s incredible colleges will goad inventiveness and development as we utilize our separate qualities to push exploratory finding advances.

“In an undeniably information rich world, joint efforts like this help the scholastic group to change over information holdings into helpful learning and important items. Information researchers are making significant commitments to the advancement of new medications, answers for ecological difficulties, and helping make better approaches to live in savvy urban communities. We anticipate working with ZJU to quicken this procedure.”

Teacher Jinhua Lin, President of Zhejiang University, said:

“The ZJU Imperial Joint Lab for Applied Data Science is a highlight of shared advancement between the two establishments since the station of our association in May 2013.

“Information is opening new entryways and goads an insurgency that will convert each part of lives. In our current reality where information is all over with expanding volume, speed and mixed bag, cooperation empowers us to power one another’s quality to make sagacious disclosures. I accept the meeting is an extraordinary chance to impart aptitude, yet in a more essential sense, to start new thoughts of utilizing Big Data for the prosperity of human culture.”

Educator Yike Guo, Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial, where the joint ZJU lab will be based, said:

“Information is constantly delivered at a steady speed and volume. Understanding and utilizing this information could reform exploratory revelation.

“The Applied Data Science Lab will permit specialists from Imperial and ZJU to better get to helpful information to tackle significant investigative issues.

“Information is quick turning into a typical dialect, binding together key on-screen characters – from diverse orders, segments and nations – all through science and development.

“This most recent expansion to Imperial’s Data Science Institute will help make huge information an always essential piece of the investigative methodology.”

Pack Malthouse, Chair of London & Partners, the city’s business and limited time association, said:

“It took researchers 10 years to process the human genome shockingly – now it is possible in a day. That shows how far we have come in our capacity to oversee substantial and complex sets of information, and how effective the results might be. Cooperation is the bedrock of advancement, so its extraordinary to see one of London’s reality heading experimental foundations signing up with associates in China to address the difficulties and chances of huge information. I’ve undoubtedly this work will establish the frameworks for future achievements that will progress learning and enhance wellbeing around the world.”

Highlights of the ZJU-Imperial big data conference include:
* Sir Keith O’Nions, President of Imperial College London, delivering the Qi Zhen lecture 2014 on ‘Globalisation and the 21st Century University’

* Professor David Gann, Imperial’s Vice President (Development & Innovation), on ‘London 2020: opportunities for data-driven innovation’

* Professor Yike Guo, Director of Imperial’s Data Science Institute, on ‘Big Data for Better Science’

* Professor Jianhui Zhong, a ZJU biomedical engineer who will speak on Big Medical Data and Medical Imaging

* Professor Hong Mi, a ZJU expert on public management, who will speak on demographic changes and the use of big data for public policy simulation

* Professor Junling Jia, a ZJU life scientist, who will speak on Biological Big Data

* Professor Paul Matthews, an Imperial neuroscientist, who will argue that ‘Grand Challenges Mean Great Opportunities: Emerging Science to Transform Future Healthcare’

* Professor Christopher Pain, an Imperial engineer, who will present on ‘Detailed Modelling of Air Pollution in Cities’

* Professor Peng Zhang, a ZJU statistician on ‘Inference on Area under the Curve Based on Methods of Quantiles’

* Professor Daniel Rueckert, Imperial’s Professor of Visual Information Processing, on ‘Big Data in Medical Imaging – Learning clinically useful information’

* Dr Aldo Faisal, Imperial’s Lecturer in Neurotechnology, on ‘Breaking into your Brain – by analysing the perception-action loop’

* Professor Xiaofei He, ZJU’s Professor of Computer Science, on ‘Learning with Parallel Vector Field’

* Professor Zhengyue Zhang, ZJU’s Professor of Mathematics, on ‘Big Data: Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction and Sparse Recovery’

* Professor Xi Li, ZJU’s Professor of Computer Science, on ‘Big Visual Data Analysis for City Public Security’

* Professor Yibing Wang, ZJU’s Professor of Control Engineering, Professor Yueping Xu, Professor of Water Resources and Professor Qiuxiao Chen, Professor of Urban Planning, on ‘Big Data in Civil Engineering and Architecture’

* Professor Eric Yeatman, Imperial’s Professor of Microengineering, on ‘Pervasive Sensing for Smart Cities and environments’

* Dr Chao Wu, an Imperial Research Associate, on ‘Cognitive Sensing: from human intelligence to sensor intelligence’

Contact University:

Address: University of the West of England
Coldharbour Ln
Bristol BS16 1QY
United Kingdom
Mobile: +44 117 965 6261

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