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Patent colleges he still has value?


Organization for a few futile degree for others, the great old brevet separates. While understudies use the third Thursday tests French and math, the national endorsement (DNB) could live his last minutes. The Board programs (CSP) raised the issue of keeping up the DNB in structure current. Made by Vincent Peillon to instruct the Ministry regarding Education on the update of the school educational program , this body need to submit a report on the adjustment or discontinuance of the patent.

To nonstop checking at 100%

In its present structure, the DNB comprises of a nonstop assessment control, 60% of the evaluation graduation, and an examination at the end of the year (40% of score), which incorporates four occasions: history craft in oral and three composed in French, math and history-geology community instruction occasions.

His commentators help the thought of a recognition confirms the information gained at the end of the cycle, yet censure this evaluation under survey as terminal. The patent, they are for, given it is 100% in consistent evaluation. Apostasy p our National Union of schools and universities, for which “the confirmation must depend on national last examinations, unknown and scored.”

Florence Robine, Executive Director of School Education, there is no doubt of canceling the patent, yet “do develop,” she has said on RTL . “Here we are, and I think families additionally reasonably connected. It is a piece of the scene of French exams. ”

The patent is extravagant in time and cash

Principle contention of adversaries of first degree understudies use its cost. Grosperrin Jacques, previous MP (UMP) of Doubs, marked in 2010 a report prescribing its annulment , scrambling the yearly cost of patent € 6.5 million to the state.

Other progressed expense: time. The association of patent effect the timing of all school accelerating the end of the school year. Between the execution, checking and edit, establishments get to be activated examination habitat for almost three weeks. A period devouring action which includes educators from the prior week the opposition begins and cuts off the school year with valuable weeks of classes.

The patent does not focus the second section

Generally planned at the end of the school year, the patent is held each end of June. In any case, at this point, the class committee of the second from last quarter, which decides the introduction of understudies, has effectively occurred.

Obviously, an understudy may enter the second without the patent and another may expand or be regulated to an engineering segment while he earned his degree.

Getting Patent obligatory for specific organizations

The brightest grant understudies can cheer rightly of graduation: holders of a reference to ” great ” or “great” under specific conditions may get a legitimacy grant in the measure of 800 euros .

Also if not definitive for its entrance into secondary school, DNB is a fundamental international ID to enter general society administration. This is the main capability needed to seek rivalries Class C normal point between staff of limbs of Public Finance, Customs and Excise, or for Competition, Consumption and Fraud All are negligibly patentees school.

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