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Leading experts from across Europe gather to debate the ‘spark’ of the First World War

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The University of Southampton is playing host to a percentage of the preeminent masters on the beginnings of the First World War and the occasions which started its flare-up.

Mark Cornwall, Professor of Modern European History at Southampton, has sorted out an universal meeting Sarajevo 1914: Spark and Impact to study how the killings of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife had a destabilizing impact on the Habsburg Empire and Europe all in all in the early twentieth century. It unites two dozen students of history from crosswise over Europe, including specialists from Croatia, Serbia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Educator Cornwall, himself Britain’s heading power on Austria-Hungary amid the First World War, remarks: “Our meeting will appear differently in relation to most other British occasions denoting the 1914 commemoration on the grounds that it particularly analyzes the reasons and aftereffects of the key occasion we all think about: the killings in Sarajevo in June 1914.

“This is an extraordinary chance to hear antiquarians talking about a subject which is pivotal to comprehension why the First World War ejected and why the Habsburg Empire given way in 1918, changing Eastern Europe for whatever remains of the twentieth century.

“The provincial Balkan setting in which the homicides happened stays disputable. A few angles have been nearly examined by history specialists over the previous century, however a lot of people are totally unresearched and we mean to open up radical new viewpoints.”

The meeting will be opened by Dr Emil Brix, the Austrian Ambassador to the UK. The keynote speakers are Professor Christopher Clark from the University of Cambridge, who will show Did Sarajevo Matter?: 28 June and the Outbreak of the First World War and Professor Lothar Höbelt from the University of Vienna, who will inquire as to Why Fight a Third Balkan War?: The ‘Habsburg Mindset’ before 1914.

Other eminent speakers include: Andrej Rahten (Slovenian diplomat to Austria), Dominic Lieven (University of Cambridge), Iskra Iveljic (University of Zagreb), Robin Okey (University of Warwick), Alma Hannig (University of Bonn), Roy Bridge (University of Leeds), Dagmar Hajkova (Masaryk Institute, Prague) and Thomas Otte (University of East Anglia).

Teacher Cornwall says: “We are deliberately uniting more seasoned and more youthful history specialists with a specific end goal to study the Sarajevo murders from diverse points. A key inquiry is to inquire as to why a solitary emotional occasion could be so unstable, additionally why such a variety of students of history decipher it contrastingly after a century. Flashes may fly in the dialog!

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