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The budget of the National Education in the red, according to the Court of Auditors


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The report of the Court of Auditors on the viewpoint and the circumstances of open fund class the Ministry of Education among offices “financial danger”, as the administration looks to control open using. Empty, another charge against the 54,000 posts in the left.

Lessen the shortage by controlling open using. Again in the not so distant future the Court of Auditors might send a stern cautioning to the legislature, decrying the development of using, including open business. In this connection, 54,000 planned positions at the Ministry of Education for the term of the command Holland give off an impression of being a thistle in the side of the official. A year prior, the Court of Auditors had officially impugned the key measure of the crusade of 2012 in its report “Overseeing educators else.” She felt that the National Education was not experiencing an absence of assets yet a “flawed utilization of existing assets.”

A danger of surpassing 0.2 to 0.4 billion euros.

In any case this trouble meets an alternate: the punishment office to select. Furthermore this represents an extra hazard to the monetary allowance. “The under-execution of the employment plot in 2013, which was mostly because of lower than foreseen recruitment in divisions “necessity” (particularly the Ministry of Education), could bring about a recuperation to attain combined net includes the Five-Year “targets. Unmistakably, not just gave extra recruitment in necessity services, including the Ministry of Education, dull open using, yet they are among the “danger considers that go toward a stronger than anticipated development of the mass pay “.

An alternate financial danger, repetitive one: “the overestimation of the amount of retirements could additionally bring about a lesser economy under the occupation plan.” It has a name: “underfunding GVT (year old tech) (1).” A to a degree savage expression that interprets a basic thing: most educators work longer, the better they are paid, and consequently the more it expenses.

The National Education and among divisions “to monetary danger” recorded by the Court of Auditors. Other than the issue of subsidizing identified with less retirements than anticipated, trouble making full recruitment, the Court is additionally worried about the financing of financed contracts: “It is not avoided that the allotments in BIA 2014 – 239 million – to help wizards school life contracts (AVS-i) help subsidize the whole extra cost of making 30,000 of these agreement in September 2013. ”

Altogether, for the Ministry of Education, the danger of overshooting could be somewhere around 200 and 400 million euros.

Solidify enlistment necessity services.

From this perception, the Court makes a few suggestions:

– Freezing enlistment necessity services, including the Ministry of Education (which joined together with the proceeded with decrease in selection in non-necessity services, would produce yearly reserve funds of € 450 million).

– Renovation regular to all staff recompense frameworks (reconciliation of the living arrangement stipend in the file base and set off the gadget, better focusing of motivations for versatility, and level rate solidifying of family remittance; update builds in for staff working abroad relying upon the genuine differential average cost for basic items; Deletion of over-remuneration of low maintenance and so on.).

– Finally, the decline in the expense of certain compensation measures: extra minutes and rewards and stipends, for instance. (AFP)

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