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Trent University Celebrates Long-standing Position as a Leader in Indigenous Studies

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Trent University Showcases Academic Leadership and Community Partnerships with Indigenous Initiatives in Honor of National Aboriginal History Month in June

To pay tribute to National Aboriginal Day on Saturday, June 21, a piece of National Aboriginal History Month, Trent University perceives and praises its history as a pioneer and trailblazer in Indigenous instruction. Trent Indigenous Studies staff are accessible for master discourse about the University’s broad commitments to Aboriginal instruction.

Most recent News from Indigenous Studies at Trent:

· Transforming Relations: Trent understudies in the new “Converting Settler Consciousness” class, taught by Dr. Lynne Davis, have helped another site that highlights different activities expecting to change the way Canadians comprehend and identify with First Nations societies, histories, and knowledges. The Transforming Relations site, offering data from an aggregate exploration extend by fourth-year Indigenous Studies understudies at Trent, has been propelled to help teachers, group activists and analysts in undertaking instructive activities to change relations in the middle of Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals. (See joined story for subtle elements)

· Revitalizing Indigenous Languages: Rhonda L. Paulsen, teacher of Indigenous Studies at Trent, is going to distribute another book that will be a paramount commitment to Ojibway society and writing, entitled Spirit of the Island: Manitoulin’s People. Prof. Paulsen trusts that the book will help to revitalize the investigation of indigenous dialects in Canada, and change the setting through which the overall population sees and comprehends indigenous societies. (See connected story for subtle elements)

“It appears to me that showing and research by and for the Indigenous people groups is basic to our seeing about Canada.” – Dr. Tom Symons, establishing president, Trent University

A History of Leadership in Indigenous Education

Trent’s profound and special history of grasping native societies, knowledges, and showing and learning strategies goes once again to 1969, when the University turned into the first in Canada, and just the second in North America, to secure an Indigenous Studies office. Helped to establish by Dr. Harvey Mccue of the Georgina Island First Nations and Trent’s first president, Dr. Tom Symons, Trent’s Indigenous projects have headed the path in Canada and had a discriminating part in forming the improvement of the University.

· A Video About Trent’s Contributions: Former Trent chancellor Dr. Tom Jackson says that Trent offers a redefinition of what instruction is and might be, in this feature gathering emphasizing staff and understudies talking about the gigantic commitment Trent has made to Aboriginal social orders and to Canada. Educator David Newhouse, seat of the Indigenous Studies division, states that “accomplishment in our terms is helping other live great lives”.

· Indigenous Environmental Studies: Trent is the main college in Canada to offer this special system uniting standards of both Indigenous information and western science in a remarkable and community oriented methodology to learning. Julian Tennent-Riddell, another move on from the IES system, was the victor of the Symons Medal for scholarly accomplishment.

· The Frost Center for Canadian Studies & Indigenous Studies: Trent University has an entrenched notoriety for brilliance and advancement in the field of Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies. Dr. Mark Dickinson, an educator in the Canadian Studies Department, got the 2013-2014 Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching in distinguishment of his transformative showing reasoning, which were essentially affected by the two years he used educating in Indigenous Studies.

· Ph.d. Program in Indigenous Studies: Trent’s progressed study system was the first of its kind in Canada and one of just two in North America. The Ph.d. project looks to guarantee that Aboriginal information, as reflected in conventional and contemporary world perspectives and communicated in practice, are enunciated, talked about, recorded, perceived and accomplished.

Personnel Expertise and Achievements

· The Good Life: Mino-bimaadiziwin is an Anishinaabe expression that implies cultivating a decent life. The idea gives an exploration structure to the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN), structured to investigate how Aboriginal individuals are building and living satisfying lives in urban settings. Trent University got $2.5 million in excess of five years from the Social Sciences and Humanities Council (SSHRC) to reserve the activity, led by Professor David Newhouse, seat of Trent’s Department of Indigenous Studies and the lead scientist for UAKN. SSHRC likewise delegated Dr. Newhouse to serve on its Aboriginal Advisory Circle.

· Trent Traditional Teacher Awarded Honorary Degree: In distinguishment of her devotion to the learning and imparting of First Nations information and practice, Dr. Edna Manitowabi, educator emeritus at Trent, was as of late recompensed a privileged doctorate in Sacred Letters from the University of Sudbury.

Understudy Success Stories

· National Aboriginal Achievement Award: Dakota Brant, one of the first graduates of the Indigenous Environmental Studies (IES) degree program at Trent and the first understudy to graduate with a specialization in the Mohawk Language Program, was honored the Special Youth Award in the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards (NAAA) in Edmonton in 2011, for being an Aboriginal Canadian who has had a significant effect on her group, crosswise over Canada and around the world.

· Ideas That Change The World Symposium: Indigenous Peoples in Canada will be one of five key topics at this energizing occasion uniting in excess of 75 of Trent’s most exceptional graduated class and personnel to test considering. The Symposium is piece of the Kick-Off Weekend for Trent University’s 50th Anniversary festivals. #trentu50

Group Engagement and Events

· Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering: The yearly Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering, facilitated every year at the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University, is a groups wide assembling of elderly folks and youth, made in the 1970s to bring senior citizens across the nation to impart their astuteness and stories. The social affair gives a chance to impart indigenous information through an arrangement of workshops, presentations and get-togethers.

· TRACKS Aboriginal Youth Outreach: The Trent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science Youth Program was as of late dispatched in cooperation between the Trent Indigenous Environmental Sciences program and the Kawartha World Issues Center (KWIC), a grassroots and beneficent Global Education and Resource Center which advertises dialog and understanding of world issues to empower individuals to participate in positive social and natural change.

· Indigenous Women’s Symposium: Held at the First People’s House of Learning at Trent’s Gzowski College, the yearly Indigenous Women’s Symposium concentrates on Indigenous ladies’ necessities, for example, our associations with water.

· Earth Day Sunrise Ceremony: Trent’s branch of Indigenous Studies took an interest in a Sunrise Ceremony with parts of the First Nations group to respect Earth Day at Lakefield shoreline. The service offered appreciation for the Earth and all life-suppliers, concentrating on our water and our conduits that stream to the sea.

· The Sacred Water Circle: The Sacred Water Circle looks to make dialog around profoundly based natural issues, and to inspire groups and governments to act to set arrangement that will secure our water, by heading with petition to God and strolling together.

Trent University Contact Detail:

Address: 1600 W Bank Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8, Canada
Phone: +1 705-748-1011
Province: Ontario
Mascot: Excalibear
Enrollment: 7,817 (2009)

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