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Education: the house is not required!

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What bedlam in ministry! Visible indication: the resignation of the President of the Higher Council for Curriculum, Alain Boissinot , Tuesday, June 10, the same day the council makes public the common core of knowledge, skills and culture.

Member of the high clergy of the Rue de Grenelle hand even though he has published this document which shows one by one all the mantras pedagogism dear to him. In late May, he said aloud, for example, his desire to end recruitment competitions for teachers, saying that university degrees are enough to hire them. Aggregation, which he himself holds, would be to throw to the dogs as the brevet, moreover, he thought to remove.

Before this defection, the Director General of School Education (DGESCO in the jargon of the Rue de Grenelle) appointed by Vincent Peillon who slammed the door even before he had found a successor. The never-seen! And a real blow to the minister, who seems overwhelmed.

Cuddle unions

Admittedly, Benoît Hamon is not surrounded by goldsmiths. He kept the same cabinet director, Bertrand Gaume, in his previous position. The Inspector General of Social Affairs was probably fine for the solidarity economy, but its main legitimacy in education is to be fought in the UNEF (as Hamon) in his younger years. The Deputy Director is traditionally a rector, who may, in conversation with his former colleagues, stay in contact with the ground. But then, the position is occupied by Bernard Lejeune, which is not the Rector, but was one of the architects of the project calamitous drop remuneration of teachers preparatory classes during the reign of Vincent Peillon.

The Advisor to the Minister, normally a member of the general inspection with a strong expertise in educational matters, is none other than his former chief of staff at Bercy, Ali Rabeh. It holds a master’s degree in “public policy careers and professions” has been the Minister Socialist Youth. It is low in a CV to embrace the whole issue of Education! In the middle of Advisors on school timetables on the stall on the digital educational, health, sports, business and fiscal relations with Parliament, a technocrat Normale alone covers the second degree, programs and student assessment. Eleventh position in the hierarchy of the firm speaks to the importance given to content. There is not, it is true, special adviser on trade unions. Benoît Hamon personally takes care of cuddling their representatives since the first day.

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