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Bachelor 2014: small reminder of candidates

France_UNA few hours of D-Day, a reminder of what to do, or not do especially in an exam room. With a bonus, a few tips …

When written baccalaureate examinations, certain objects and behaviors are sometimes mandatory, sometimes prohibited. Others are simply recommended or authorized. The strict rules surrounding the high mass bin undoubtedly contribute to stress it generates. Certainly they are not free, but are designed to ensure the smooth running of this big machine. They are also making it the last rite of passage in our society. Small list of candidate use, not to commit odd.


Convocation and present his identity card. In case of loss or theft of the identity card will be requested a receipt of the statement to the police or the gendarmerie and other official document with photo, to recognize the candidate. If point forgetting the identity card, do not panic: you can present another identification document and return “as soon as possible” identity card to comply.


– If the strike train continues, the Minister of Education has authorized exceptionally candidates who have an hour late to compose an hour. Beyond an hour late, situations will be considered case by case, “sympathetic”. Normally, in case of delay not exceeding one hour, the center manager may permit the candidate to the floor, but without overtime.

– Pocket calculators are permitted, unless otherwise stated.

– Outputs the toilet are allowed past the first hour, so as not to cross the laggards candidates. But one student after another, accompanied by a supervisor.

– It is possible to leave the room early, but still once past the first hour.


– Any object that communicates with the outside is prohibited. This is the case in previous years as mobile phones, and since this year watches connected. The phones must be turned off, placed in the bag given to the candidate or supervisor. All academies are equipped with portable detectors, randomized and moved from one test to another.

– He obviously does not even have to talk to applicants to request a pen to his neighbor, it would be considered fraud.


Dr. Patrick Légeron, stress expert advises to take care of yourself before the exam: maintaining sleep, make “pleasant” things yesterday. Beware of “false friends” like tobacco and coffee that give the impression to hold, but excited as sedatives that slow psychological activity. The breakfast is “fundamental” with carbohydrates. Also provide a sugar with itself, stress can lead to hypoglycemia.

The Department also provides advice on the Internet : take five minutes to read the whole topic, take a five-minute break after two hours, starting with the part where we are most comfortable, in case of lock switch to another party, think to read … (AFP)

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