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Panhellenic: Rise of the bases show the performance of the candidates

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All elements of the marking centers – What teachers believe – marked the best performance – Which schools maintain the primacy of preferences

Very good is the picture of the performance of candidates in the Panhellenic Exams until now. “Happy I had to put so many good grades in Modern Language” is the typical description for the assessor picture by writing most of the candidate students.

According to the same data, they have grown so excellent in Modern Greek Language, but the average of all the written words, as agreed by the assessors, candidates not only understood the issue to be addressed, but responded correctly. Noteworthy is that the fewer did not fare well in a lesson that is still considered imponderable factor for candidates.

The assessors have already begun to correct student papers that have been examined and, according to their estimates, the subjects were given this year have a degree of escalating difficulty, the wording is clear, while the well-prepared candidate can even write well.

There are few raters who point out that the selection of topics escalating difficulty is the most correct, as the goal is to be ranked the odds of students and not just the issues to be judged as extremely difficult or candidates to fall in … soft.

Apart from the Greek language, according to data from the marking centers, candidates perform better than last year in Mathematics and Elementary Statistics general education in Ancient Greek theoretical guidance and direction in Mathematics.

At the same level as last year seems to be moving the rating history general education, while not hiding Biology pitfalls for candidates, although it is a lesson usually difficult.

According to the evidence so far, favorite faculty candidates remain medical and law schools, followed by psychology departments, the faculties of the University, but the military academies.

Further, the general secretary of OEFE Mr. John Vafiadakis, estimates that upward trend is expected bases, especially in the first scientific field of humanities, 2nd in the positive and in the 4th scientific field of technology studies.

The teacher believes that good writing Mathematics will increase import bases in 500 to 700 molecules, while expected and examinations in Chemistry, to come to an accurate determination of the medical schools. According to the same estimates, and if the score is good in physics, is that the increase in some schools to surpass 1,000 points.

1. The 1st scientific field expected rise in base, as offered positions decreased, since the Ministry of Education seems that attempts to turn positive studies, leading to easier labor market. Meanwhile, according to the analysis, this represents an increase in the selection of the first scientific field that reaches 40%, more as a negative vote to avoid math students who find them difficult.

As a result, due to an increase in legal bases, literary and psychological schools and in schools that lead to the paramedical professions. In this case, estimates of tune with the Ministry’s intention to shift to positive professions, as it seems that a large portion of students avoid math.

The writings of the ancient Greek that are rated up to now have not puzzled at all the teachers, and the clarity of the questions, but also the difficulty that was scalable, allows large proportion of candidates scoring fairly, always depending on the reading they had done during throughout the course of the year.

Two. Yet determined the image for finance departments, as despite the fact that the positions of candidates for the general range increased, not yet been considered in the Principles of Economic Theory. A further element that will determine the course of the bases in this scientific field is that the candidates have declared fewer than last year.

Three. Majority of students expected to be introduced this year in polytechnic and mathematical faculties of the 2nd and 4th scientific field as well, as estimated by the Ministry of Education, it is necessary to turn to science that open doors to labor market easier. The course of the bases at these schools, provided that maintain similar degree of difficulty with the so far examined subjects expected upward, while it has increased the number of seats offered in polytechnics, mathematical, chemical and physical faculties.

The curtain falls this year’s exam Thursday, by looking at the course Principles of Economic Theory, selecting all directions.

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