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Bac 2014: From 13 to 92 years, 686,907 candidates are preparing to take the exam

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Butterflies in my stomach, hands a little sweaty, and the prospect of playing a hand of icts future on one short week. Starting Monday, 686.907 candidates brainstorm on events in 2014 bachelor. With, as usual, a little philosophy to begin. 20 Minutes reported about on the 2014 edition of the race the Most Famous of the French education …

686.907 candidates from 13 to 92 years

General (50%), professional (30%) or technology (20%): 686.907 Will candidates pass the tray this year. Workforce up 3.3% in 2013 Compared to All which must be added the 477.656 students Who Will aussi pass Anticipated first baccalaureate exams.

“After a slight Decrease, it is rising again,” says Florence Robine, director of school education, pointing the sharp rise in Particular in the professional way.

In the batch 19.786 candidates apply freely to the tests. They Represent 2.9% of the total workforce.

170.000 Correction 4 million copies

They hope not all fall on a “cowhide”. After floored for a week, Candidate Will Have Their 4 million copies Delivered to Nearly 170,000 markers and examiners. lathing are paid 5 euros per copy 9.60 per hour Devoted to oral questioning of students.


In all, 3,500 subjects Have Been Developed. This Will of course traditional essay question of philosophy to the test of history and geography goal aussi subjects in sign language or Persian. In fact, students can present Their knowledge in 24 foreign languages ​​and 11 regional languages ​​odd.


The youngest WAS 13, the oldest 92

As every year, the tray Has Its share of unusual candidates. The youngest is 13 years old as well. A 92 Become the oldest, if successful, the dean of French graduates. “This is a regular, this time he made several passes, one Confides to the Ministry of National Education. Remains Whether His health Will allow him to expect all events.”


Within the quota of candidates Few seniors to submit to the ultimate test. Note, HOWEVER, the presence of a young retiree Have you Prepared His bachelor’s degree in the greatest secrecy. “Even His wife and daughter are not aware, the ministry said. Planned He admitted to ’em if it gets.”


The ferry costs about 80 euros per candidate

Almost € 50 million. This is the official cost of the ferry That goes from 80.7 euros per candidate (in 2012) to 80 euros this year. “However, It was difficulty to Elements-have very objective about it, says Florence Robine, Adding That There is No specific savings Measures Implemented. It always depends on how one counts …”


In the presentation file, Benoît Hamon, the Minister of Education, for His hand Said That “it is the honor of a great nation That invest € 80 per candidate (…) Youth is the priority of the President of the Republic.”

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