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Thousands to protest against unfair and cruel budget


Thousands of people will take to the streets tomorrow in Bust the Budget Rallies to demonstrate their opposition to the Abbott-Hockey Government’s first budget. Rallies will be held around the country.

“This Budget is unfair and cruel, and targets the most disadvantaged members of our society,” Jeannie Rea National President of NTEU said today.

“The Government needs to hear this message loud and clear.

“This is not a budget for young people. It is a budget which on the one hand denies young Australians access to Youth Allowance or Newstart benefits but on the other hand hits them with higher university fees, in some cases of more than $100,000, leaving them with debts the size of a mortgage.

“The Government are closing out ordinary kids who dream of going to university, setting an eye watering buy-in price whilst simultaneously cutting public funding to universities.

“In stark contrast to these unfair cuts, the Budget includes the abolition of the carbon and mining taxes as well as 1.5% reduction in the corporate tax rate.

“Many graduates experience unemployment upon graduation, and these cruel cuts to Newstart combined with exorbitant student debts have left many people wondering how they’re going to be able to feed and house themselves.

“$7 GP co-payments will place further burdens on young people struggling to get a start in life with young families.

“Ordinary Australians have seen straight through Abbott’s lies about all Australian’s being asked to carry their share of the budget cuts and are prepared to take to the streets in their thousands to make sure their protests are heard,” Rea concluded.

There is little wonder that Australians are angry and prepared to express their anger by taking to the streets.

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