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Students have little confidence in bachelor’s degree

German Students_UN15 years after the introduction of the Bachelor’s balance sheet is sobering. The majority of students feel ill-prepared for the profession. When employers see little acceptance for the new conclusion after only six semesters.
More than half the student body feels inadequately prepared for working life with a bachelor’s degree. The majority of students expressed considerable doubt as to the acceptability of a Bachelor’s degree by the employer. These are results of a representative student survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute on behalf of Reemtsma gifted work. However, the current biggest concern of the students is the search for affordable accommodation. 72 percent, according to criticize the on Tuesday (June 10) in Berlin publish survey the small number of places in student residences.
Exactly 15 years ago, the European countries and some neighboring countries had agreed in the ancient university city of Bologna to build on each other study tree, bachelor’s and master’s degree. While it is awarded in many other EU countries the Bachelor after about eight semesters, only six semesters were given in Germany to study in the rule. This has led to complaints about material wealth and study stress.
Of the more than 2,000 respondents in individual interviews, students 18-29 years of age, 61 percent expressed the intention after the bachelor yet to earn a master’s degree. Almost three quarters of respondents expect to gain better career and earning potential. Two-thirds also want to specialize and deepen their knowledge. Originally the Bachelor should be a professional degree and be open to the Master program only a few selected students.
In the later career plans of students ranked the desire for a “good working atmosphere” with 73 percent in the first place. The workplace should be future proof (67 percent), and work-life balance would be easily combined (66). A high income hold against only 46 percent as important. 35 percent would like a job that is challenging and where you have to be put to the proof. One in four wants “little stress” at work.
27 percent of students planning to study abroad during their studies. The vast majority of undergraduate students is concerned, however, the acquired study abroad in this country would not be recognized or be lost by a temporary change of university too much time on them. The introduction of the Bachelor’s degree programs had to make just greater mobility.
After the study, however, more than a third draws a change in location whereas within Germany as well as abroad. The young women (36 percent) more willing to mobility than the age-matched men (33 percent).
Most important source of income for students, parents still. Every third person gets according to survey student loans. 58 percent reported that they work while studying.
The German students (DSW) affirmed in view of the survey results its demand for additional low-cost, government-sponsored dormitory places. The survey documents a growing housing shortage and significantly rising rents in the university cities. (DPA)

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