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Chinese two into U expected

Chinese Students_UNDiploma examination for admission to the University of the minimum threshold is “3322”, namely Chinese and English language standards must be considered to have three scores, but Chinese Coyne from classical test candidates, even lower than the standard rate of English, has been regarded as “Death of the division,” even though many elite candidates to hold more than 5 ** class families, but because Chinese only two or less with the University of insulation. The original university also use discretion in the hands of non-compliance of admitting Chinese students; many universities are admitted to admit Chinese students of non-compliance, the cases have been recorded from each stressed careful consideration.

The latest installment of college publications, “University Line” reported that three Chinese non-compliance, but still get the case of university admission. Which the Department of Mathematics, University sophomore studying Ah Chu (a pseudonym) in the test for four and a 5 * 5 * success, but only two Chinese, does not meet the minimum requirements to enroll in college. Proposed by him to the university teacher “knock” to intercede, but to help him contact the Department of Mathematics, University professors know, high school principal, he also wrote a letter of recommendation.

Ah Chu not only arranged for an interview, results would be released a week ago, Ah Chu University received more calls informing him that a high chance of success, and the results would be released day to remind him to see “JAC” As a result, death was the first voluntary admission. Ah Chu said he also sent e-mail to the Faculty of Science, Professor other university, but also the chance to get an interview, but that field is a great opportunity to inform admitted, but he put in a second volunteer.

Inform non-Chinese speaking students admitted repeaters

Another British-born Adelaide (a pseudonym), is now studying Engineering at the University of Hong Kong, a first grade. He grew up in Singapore, from little, old before returning to Hong Kong, so Chinese performance has been poor, only a test for the first time diploma examinations, even rereading have only two. He had to call, e-mail, send a letter to the college admissions office and check, but to no avail, but the direct write and direct email contact department’s dean, vice president of engineering for the Department of a university invited him to attend an interview, and finally for interview and exceptional admission. He stressed that the interview he specifically described their mother tongue is not Chinese, so he believes that universities have to consider his non-native language background, and afterwards he also learned to get an interview, the original must also be placed on the first or the school second choice.

Do not knock on the door can also be directly admitted

Engineering a sophomore Ah Yin (a pseudonym) in the first session of the trial of a diploma, a good performance in other subjects, math is also up 5 ** success, only the Chinese had only been two. At first he thought he did not qualify for university admission, totally not in the mood to change the results would be released after the Joint Admission voluntary, because, in the first two Ah Yin volunteering is still a Bachelor of Engineering School of the University. He admitted to the University does not know that you can try to “knock”, he enrolled directly associate degree programs, and pay the reservation fee. JUPAS results would be released that day, Ah Yin whim also look at their results would be released the results, they discover, Engineering ranked first volunteer JUPAS admission him.

Wen also visited with another first diploma examination candidates, only Chinese only two, had sent an email to the results would be released at a university engineering school hopes to get recorded, but the College replies: “Chinese score below the basic requirements, and therefore is not consideration. ”

University students admitted admitting non-compliance

According to “University Line” report, only two families of individual Chinese candidates, using “knock” approach, to obtain university admission. HKU, CUHK and HKUST most admit to admit Chinese students had enrolled only Class II, vice president of high school college admissions score means that there is not the requirement of Scientology students in their studies lecture she told the students, in exceptional circumstances , try to “knock on the door.”

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