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Patent colleges on the spot?

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The Higher Council of Education programs may decide to reform the examination as it currently exists.

The national certificate (DNB) he lives his last moments? To believe Le Figaro, keeping the exam in its current form is being debated in the upper echelons of Education, while 800,000 students will third floor on 26 and 27 June. The Supreme Council of the programs (CSP), created in October by the Minister of National Education, in fact reflects its evolution. This is what would have suggested Denis Paget, a member of the CSP and former national secretary of the SNES, the largest union of secondary school.

“We’re not going to maintain the patent. (…) There will be no validation of the base late in the third,” he has said, according to the website The educational Café, at a meeting organized by a union.

I must say that this review late in the third, which is not long since, “a condition to enter the second”, explains the daily historian Claude Lelièvre education, had moult rearrangements its history. Awarded without examination on the basis of academic achievement from 1981, he returned to his old form in 1986 when Jean-Pierre Chevènement reintroduced a written exam. “In its first version, the rate of received does not exceed 49%,” recalls Claude Lelièvre.

An incoherent hybrid system

Does this mean that the patent will suffer the same fate as the graduation certificate officially abolished in 1989? The crux of the problem is in fact the clash of two visions of secondary education. On the one hand, proponents of the skills approach – which is taxed in France from 2005 – and a whole-school college; the other, supporters of secondary education structured disciplines that must evaluate control programs, including the SNES and SNALC.

If the first well would disappear in favor of the patent the only validation of a “common core” skills, which passes now through personal skills record (LPC), the latter are attached to a terminal examination. The inconsistency of the system is that it is possible to control the base without the patent, but not vice versa.

According to the chairman of the PSC, Alain Boissinot, “no question” delete the patent. “But we must establish a single procedure that validates both the patent and the base,” he says, aware of the need for “radical reform”. Today, the notes of the third year of account for 60% of the certificate, the three terminals written and an oral history of the arts for 40%, says Le Monde.

Towards delete notes?

According to the CSP, it will take “seek a simple and consistent procedure involving progressive learning assessment of students at the end of each cycle and a final validation of the common core.” The patent examination “remains a milestone in the lives of students and families,” said for his part Christian Knight Unsa, which calls for a ‘patent base which assesses the skills. ”

“We have to maintain this terminal, national and anonymous review. But logic skills not she goes along with the removal of notes?” asks Jean-Rémi Girard, national secretary pedagogy SNALC. The new Minister of Education, Benoît Hamon, will resolve this debate.

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