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The boarding of Excellence will close Cachan


The closure of one of 45 institutions of this system established under Nicolas Sarkozy heralds Does ilson dismantling? Nothing is less certain: 6000 new spaces have been created in the budget 2014.

45 boarding schools of excellence, symbolic measure of the Sarkozy government, will they pay their political connotation? In 2013, Vincent Peillon , then Minister of Education, announced, although symbolically rename this device initially to “go out” deserving and disadvantaged students in their midst “Internship Success” … What a program.

Two years after the arrival of the left in power, time is probably the way to act. Opened in 2010, the boarding of Excellence Cachan, Val-de-Marne, which hosts 90 students in 4th and 3rd class, closed its doors in September 2015. The news came as a bombshell in the Foyer Cachan, association, besides the boarding houses on its website a vocational school, a student residence and apprentices. On May 7, the Rector of Créteil warned the association, claiming that the decision came from the ministry. Nothing more. The rector, who just change the head – Florence Robine has been promoted Number 2 of the department, the head of school education – did not provide accuracy.

Question: boarding Cachan Annex Sourdun the first of its kind opened in 2009, it is the first in a long list?

On the subject, two ideologies clash, with one hand, proponents of the concentration of resources and other supporters of the distribution. In 2013, Vincent Peillon, announced an overhaul of these internships, as too costly and benefiting only a few. And delivered a very beautiful message: it would focus on success for all …

“If there was a miraculous policy to excellence for all we know!” Slips a senior official who believes that beyond the semantics, the initial philosophy boarding remained for the time unchanged, “proof of the validity of the approach.”

In April 2013, a report from the Paris School of Economics pointed to the cost of per-student spending – twice Sourdun than conventional schools – but at the same time welcomed undeniable successes, particularly in mathematics .

Between procrastination and numerous reports on the subject, the boarding of excellence were eventually reinforced in the 2014 budget, with 6,000 new spaces created with a budget of € 150 million extra in the context of future investments.

“To promote the success of all, all boarding schools, in their diversity, must provide a teaching and educational quality project students welcome,” says the circular retraction published May 22 Recalling the significant allocations to the device, it states that “the project will be retained in promoting integration and continuity College School, benefiting those in technical and vocational education and, finally, those with a particular curriculum and educational innovative “. And conclude that “all internships are intended to become boarding success.”

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