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Patent colleges could disappear

French Students

The Supreme Council of National Education programs undermine the exam, but also the traditional system of notation.

Patent colleges will he fall? And with it, a certain vision of the school? This is the direction in which the Board is directed programs (CSP), the body set up in October by the Minister of National Education, to review the content of the teaching and assessment system. “Leakage” – a chance? – Came from Denis Paget, a member of the CSP and former national secretary of the SNES (main union secondary) reported Cafe Teaching. Information that falls a few days before the publication of the recommendations of the CSP, June 10, and a fortnight of events brevet.

Far from being the bachelor, the patent remains nevertheless a symbol. For a long time yet, “there is no requirement for a second pass,” says the historian of education Claude Lelièvre. From 1981, he was even awarded without consideration, in view of only academic results … Before Chevènement in a logical display requirement, not reintroduced in 1986 a written exam. “In its first incarnation, the rate of received does not exceed 49%,” says Claude Lelièvre.

Floating, the national certificate, became even more with the arrival in France, there is now ten years, the concept of “skills”, coming straight from Finland. In 2005, the Fillon law school implements the “common core” of skills, knowledge and culture that every student needs to master at the end of compulsory schooling, with his assessment tool students, “the personal skills record.” Gas plant, the book, meant to replace the numerical notation, eventually superimposed to the conventional system, the patent is a part.

As the “base” has not convinced. And the redefinition of programs, two competing visions. On one side, supporters of the competency-based approach and a set of school-college, the other proponents of secondary education remains structured disciplines, including the SNES, and the majority union SNALC.

“A milestone”

The time is now to choose. As stated Alain Boissinot, president of the Superior Council of the programs. “A profound reform. We tried to find a reasonable position, beyond the Manichean logic, “he says, before returning to the patent. “No way to remove it, he argues. But we must establish a single procedure that validates both the patent and the base. ”

Necessary stage of secondary education for some, “dress rehearsal” for others, person, basically, not really challenging the patent. “There is a milestone in the lives of students and families, says Christian Knight Unsa. You need a “patent base” which assesses the skills, “he says. “We have to maintain this terminal, national and anonymous review. But logic skills not she goes along with the removal of notes? “Worries Jean-Rémi Girard, national secretary pedagogy SNALC.

Continuous monitoring? Final exam? Notes, or “validation of skills”? What will be the shape of the renovated patent? Arrived late March the Ministry of National Education, Benoît Hamon has already made “positive evaluation” one of his favorite subjects. “This is to ensure that the assessment is experienced by students and their families as a means of classification, sanction, or reduced to mere notation” So is explained in the circular back 2014.

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