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Pyne must release full details of higher education policy impacts

National Tertiary Education Union

Pyne’s comments in today’s Australian clearly demonstrate a Minister who doesn’t know his own policy and who is making it up on the run.

Christopher Pyne and the Coalition have cut higher education funding by 20 per cent.

The NTEU has shown that fees will need to increase by at least 30 per cent, and Melbourne University have said 60 per cent, just to cover these cuts.

They have slugged future students with a lifetime of debt by deregulating fees and charging market interest rates.

Now facing intense public pressure they have released unrealistic calculations based on ludicrous assumptions.

But unlike NTEU and Universities Australia analysis, Pyne’s calculations do not take into account his funding cuts, the predicted drastic increases to student fees, nor the impacts of compound interest on graduates who take time out from the workforce.

The NTEU’s National President Jeannie Rea has called on Christopher Pyne, as a matter of urgency, to release full and detailed modelling showing the impacts of his policies on universities and students.

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