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California State Universities hiring

California State University San JoseHelp wanted: that’s the message coming out of the California State University system, where a plan is in place to hire 700 new faculty members across all the universities next year.
At San Jose state the hiring process has already begun, with at least 60 more positions still to fill.
And students say they’re hoping more professors will lead to more academic success for them down the road.
In recent years, students say the recession took its toll.
There were furloughs, classes cut, and positions left open or filled by temporary teachers.
“A lot of students here have felt a lot of cutbacks,” says student Huong Cheng.
“The school is impacted right now and its really hard to get classes,” adds student Amanda Olson.
But now California’s State Universities are planning to hire 700 full-time faculty members, in part thanks to the passage of Prop 30 and a $125-million dollar increase in state funding last year.
“This has allowed us to stabilize our finances at San Jose State University and even grow to meet the tremendous amount of demand for seats here,” says University Spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris.
Lopes Harris says the school filled 40 new positions in fall 2013. There will be 30 new hires starting this fall and they’ll be filling 60 more jobs in the fall of next year.
“It’s the first piece of good news that I’ve heard on campus for a long time,” says Professor Eugene Cordero. “We have been diminishing the number of faculty on campus and asked to teach more students with less. And I think having more faculty on campus is really important.”
And with enrollment on the rise, students say it’s about time.
“Our campus is kind of crowded as it is so it’s definitely needed,” says student Jerrell Parker.

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