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University apologises for unusual exams

unusual exams

Students forced to sit on the floor for their final tests

A Saudi university has apologised to students for being forced to take exams sitting on the floor in a corridor.

The students were reportedly late in entering the hall where the exams were being held and as the officials refused to open the doors and disturb the other students who were already inside, they were told to sit on the floor and answer the exam questions.

As pictures of the unprecedented test-taking on the floor were circulated on the internet, King Faisal University in Ahsa in eastern Saudi Arabia issued an apology to the students on Monday, stressing that it deplored the “unfortunate decision” and insisting that it did not represent its values and ethics, local news site Sabq reported.

“What happened is an irresponsible decision that cannot be excused in any way and taken by a teacher without consulting anyone,” the university said in its apology. “This demonstrates a coordination issue between the parties tasked with the exams. The teacher should have referred the matter to the college administration and the examination committee in order to find the adequate solution for the extraordinary situation. There were plenty of solutions, including using another hall for the late students, particularly that the university does have many extra halls.

“Another option would have been to postpone the exams with the approval of the competent committee,” the university said.

An investigation is to be launched into the incident to ensure there would be no repeat of the incident, the university said.

“The university profusely apologies to the students and to its entire staff for what happened, and we will launch our investigation into how it all happened.

“We will also look into taking the right measures to ensure that such individual decisions are not taken again, especially that they are not in any way related to its education process,” the university said.

The university said that it would look into offering the students another chance to sit the exams.

Online comments heaped praise on the university for the apologies and pledges to assist the students, although many bloggers said that the students should have refused to it on the floor and take the exam in difficult conditions. (Gulf News)

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