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A Guide to the 11 Plus Exams and How Private Tuition Can Help

Private TuitionFor many children across England and Northern Ireland, securing a place at a local state grammar schoolwill require them to sit the 11 plus exams.

The name of the test originates from the age group a child will be in – 11-12 years of age – when embarking upon secondary education.Children usually sit the 11 plus exam in the final year of primary education, covering subjects from English and Mathematics to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

While there are many online practice tests available to explore in preparation of the exam, arguably the finest and most effective supplementary tool you can utilise to achieve better academic results is private tuition. Some parents opt to tutor their children themselves, but, in many cases, time constraints will determine whether or not this is a viable option, and for many, hiring a personal tutor is the solution.

A dedicated course of home tuition, where a child receives a specialised programme of one-to-one teaching that has been tailored to their specific needs has been shown to be highly effective on numerous occasions, with the benefits of personal tuition well documented.

All qualified tutors will know what type of exams a particular local school sets, as well as having knowledge of the kind of questioning that is involved in the test. In addition, from an experience standpoint, a private tutor should be in a position to offer advice on a child’s chance of success in an 11 plus test and advise on which local schools should be targeted for the greater chance of success.

It is thought that around 100,000 children take the 11 plus exam in England alone each year, and with only an estimated 15,000 places available, competition is undeniably fiercefor each and every place at selective grammar schools. Many parents enlist the help of 11 plus tutors to enhance their child’s efforts leading up to exam season; one-on-one tutoring has often proved vital in gaining an advantage over peers.

If your child is preparing to sit his or her 11 plus testand if you are thinking of ways you can help, private tuition could well be the answer. If you wish to entrust this task withan established, recommended private tuition agency, contact Fleet Tutors today to see how they can be of assistance.

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