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Spiro John Latsis and the Latsis Foundation Subsidise Publication of Books


The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation serves to preserve and continue the public service tradition of John S. Latsis. It is responsible for managing and implementing the public benefit work and initiatives of the Latsis family in Greece and abroad. Several members of the family serve on the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, including Spiro Dr.Spiro John Latsis. The Foundation funds a number of initiatives and supports various organisations relevant to its focus on education, scientific research, social welfare and culture.

Latsis Foundation

Demonstrating their continued interest in culture and the arts, the Latsis Foundation as well as the Latsis Group of companies have subsidised the publication of various kinds of books. The funding provided to book publication is another aspect of the Foundation’s commitment to continuing John S. Latsis’ public service legacy. Among the earliest publications subsidised by Latsis funds was 1993′s ‘Greek Marine Painting,’ an edition providing an overview of the most important seascapes by Greek painters in the 19th and 20thcenturies. The book also constitutes an attempt to establish depictions of the sea as a manner of artistic expression.

One year later, in 1994, another book was published with Latsis funds. This special edition issued by Olkos Publications covered the neo-classical French painter Louis Dupré and his artistic works. The book presents the artist and the dominant themes in his work. Dupré was inspired by French Philhellenism, utilising Greek antiquity as his model and taking important impressions and influences from his 1819 visit to Greece. 1995 saw the publication of the monogram ‘Nikolaos Gyzis’ by Adam Publications. This special edition explored the Munich School painter’s many-sided artistic personality and served to display the majority of Gyzis’ artistic production. The monogram also makes an effort to draw associations between his artistic works and those of other artists during the same period.

At the start of the new millennium, another book publication subsidised by Latsis funds emerged, titled ’100 Years National Theatre.’ The book was written by Vassilis Fotopoulos and is dedicated to covering the relatively recent triumphs of Greek theatre, with the art form itself having emerged and been conceived in ancient Greece. The edition addresses the history of the National Theatre in the 20th century and uses rich photographic material to honour and record the great moments of this important creative institution in Greece.

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