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Recognition of foreign university, private college degrees

Greek Universities

From now on foreign university and private college graduates in Greece will have the same professional rights as Greek university graduates.

Until now, non-Greek university graduates had to have their degrees officially recognized by the Greek Inter-University Center for the Recognition of Foreign Degrees (DOATAP) — a Greek state organization — to be able to work in Greece. The application process was a time-consuming process, requiring a lot of bureaucracy and a great deal of paperwork in order to be completed, and in many cases graduates failed to have their degrees recognized.

However, Greece from now on will start to comply with the EU education standards. According to a modification made by Justice Minister Charalampos Athanasiou, graduates from foreign law schools won’t be required to have their degrees recognized by DOATAP, they will have the same professional rights as Greece’s graduates and will be able to enroll with Greek lawyer organizations.

Graduates of other professions, such as engineers, economists, managers, doctors and healthcare employees, will soon have the same rights as well. According to the law modification, the Greek professional unions and organizations such as the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Economic Chamber of Greece and the Pan-hellenic Medical Association, will now be responsible for the evaluation and the recognition of foreign university and college degrees as they already do with the graduates of the Greek universities.

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