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Smart Shopping for the Tech Savvy Woman

Who doesn’t like finding a great bargain on things that they use all the time?  Better still, what if the bargain saves enough money so you can buy more of the fun stuff like clothes and entertainment?  Here’s a “for example.”  We all have phones, TVs, and the Internet in our homes.  Why not bundle and get all those things from one place like Xfinity, a trusted digital services provider, and save?

Cell Phone

It is likely that the cost of your handset alone is the driving factor in determining your monthly phone bill. Smartphone companies are wise to consumer trends; as soon as one handset is becoming widespread, they release a new model and watch blissfully as everyone races to buy it. If you’re cutting costs, do you really need the iPhone 5s when you’ve only had your iPhone 5 for one year? Is it really that different?

If you’re happy with your handset cost but not the cost of your tariff, then consider putting your haggling head on and call the retention department. Most cell phone providers are more than happy to increase the price of your tariff without offering you any sort of incentive, so it’s time to turn the tables on them. Are they offering a great deal for new customers only? Call them up and let them know you’ll be switching providers unless they offer you a similar deal.

These people are employed to make you continue to use their company’s service, so you can really push the boat out here. Phone companies are more than happy to cater to new customers; if your current provider can’t match this then there will be another ready in the wings.


With the emergence of online streaming, it’s a marvel that people are still willing to pay certain prices on their TV package. This is testament to the television set as the quintessential family room gadget; amid the stiff competition the box still reigns supreme. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds for 900 channels you probably don’t watch. Variety is of course the spice of life but when times are tough, do you really need the home shopping channel?

Aside from substantially reducing your TV package, there are a few workarounds that will help you to follow your favorite shows without paying a hefty price. Netflix, accessed through your cable, has been the king of online streaming. Although in years gone by you had to wait what seemed like an eternity for shows to be uploaded, they are now beginning to offer a few shows the day after they air.


If you’re a tech-savvy person, then saving money on internet is easy. Depending on great is your need to save, you can do a lot of work at Wi-Fi locations around town, including the library. You likely won’t want to get rid of internet entirely, but you may be able to downscale the package you get.

Data limits are another nugget that can increase costs with some ISPs. Do you currently have a download restriction? If so, you’re likely paying painful fees for going over the limit. Unlimited packages usually aren’t much more expensive, and when you factor in additional fees they are definitely the cheaper alternative.

It’s likely you’re paying for your home phone and internet within one bundle. However, it’s 2014; home phones are not needed by most households these days if they can find a workaround. Remove that separate line to save a little bit, as well.

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