Friday , 20 October 2017
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Opposition calls for silent strike in some Venezuelan universities

Venezuelan Universities

In Venezuela, violent clashes occurred between pro and anti government students in Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and other important autonomous universities as internal authorities are suspending their academic activities.

Anti government students claim universities can’t open because military forces are committing repression against the students and the system of justice has not impeded or punished what they call violations of human rights.

Despite the opposition denouncing the violation of human rights, the government says justice is working accordingly.

Some students say the masked gunmen opened fire against military forces and the government should take immediate actions to neutralize and capture these criminals.

Whether there is a violation of human rights, or masked gunmen sponsored by university authorities, many believe that violence and the seemingly “silent strike” in universities will continue until both blocs listen to each other’s demands to reach a peace agreement.

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