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Loughborough University launches MOOCs in Innovation & Enterprise and Mathematics

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UK based Loughborough University has launched its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to provide free and accessible education opportunities for students. To begin with, the University will offer MOOC Innovation and Enterprise and MOOC Maths. The courses are being offered as part of FutureLearn which is the first UK-led provider of massive open online courses.

The MOOC Innovation and Enterprise has been launched to enable students to learn how an innovative idea becomes a reality. The MOOC will describe the process; the way the innovation pathway works from creation of new ideas to their selection and implementation. The main areas that will be taught during the programme will include the study of the person/people that are involved in the process; the possibility of coming up with new ideas and making them happen; the protection of ideas through intellectual property and how this can help/hinder the innovation process; and looking into the practice of turning an idea into a new product or service. The course starts from 14 April and will run for six weeks and will be taught for 3 hours per week. The course is being led by Loughborough’s renowned School of Business and Economics which has consistently held its position among the top-10 UK business schools as per surveys done by The Times, The Independent and The Guardian.

The Maths MOOC offered by the University is for aspiring engineers and scientists to think mathematically and explore essential concepts. The course will pave the way into the study of calculus by explaining that engineers and scientists need to build upon the ideas introduced in order to describe, analyze and predict the behavior of physical, biological and technological systems. Through an accessible introduction to graphical and algebraic techniques, students will start to think mathematically and develop an informal understanding of vital properties of points, lines and curves before formalizing mathematically some of these essential notions.  This is a three-week course that begins on 28 April and will be conducted for 2 hours a week.

While the Innovation and Enterprise MOOC will be delivered at an undergraduate level and is open for all students, Maths MOOC is designed for students who have some engineering or science knowledge gained through vocational qualifications or through workplace experience who perhaps have not studied mathematics formally since leaving school. It will be appropriate for those who lack confidence but who need to establish bedrock of knowledge in order to further their education.

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