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Colorado universities take the ‘high’ out of higher education

Colorado College

By Kristyn Leon

Some colleges in Colorado are seeing a major increase in applications this year, and many are wondering if it has something to do with the legalization of pot.

Colorado College prides itself in being one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country.

Although they’re a private institution, students and faculty agree that risking federal funding to allow pot possession on campus isn’t worth it–and that includes recreational pot.

“Colorado College conforms with the National Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, which basically means on our campus, any type of drugs or illicit substances are not allowed on campus,” said Rochelle Mason, Associate Dean of Students at Colorado College.

“Although we are a private institution, we receive federal funding-including financial aid dollars for our students. So if we were not in compliance with that federal drug free schools and communities act, we could risk losing federal funding for our financial aid programs.”

Students agree with the drug-free policy because it’s not worth compromising the school’s reputation.

“I think it makes sense logically on campus if we receive federal money to have to abide by federal law,” said Ruthie Markwardt, Colorado College student.

“What CC has to offer in terms of academics and international reputation and the block plan far supersedes, you know, people coming to this school because, you know, pot is legal in the state of Colorado,” Rochelle finished off saying.

Colorado College has seen a 31% increase in applications this year, but it’s not because of pot. Instead it has to do with their new partnership that’s committed to enrolling first-generation and low-income students.

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