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Mainland universities popular among HK students


Nearly 2,500 Hong Kong students have applied for exam-free admission into universities on the Chinese mainland since the opening day of an online enrollment system on March 15.

Since the adoption of an admissions policy exempting students from Hong Kong from university entrance examinations by China’s Ministry of Education in 2012, 75 colleges in the mainland have enrolled students from Hong Kong based on their results from the Hong Kong diploma of Secondary Education.

The policy, which was inspired by then vice-premier Li Keqiang in 2011, not only boosts academic exchanges between Hong Kong and the mainland, but also relieves the fierce competition for admission into Hong Kong universities, where the average admission rate is only about 15 percent each year.

A Hong Kong student surnamed Man says she would choose to study at a university on the mainland as she would most likely be restricted to enrolling at a junior college in Hong Kong due to her unsatisfactory academic performance.

Financial incentives represent another major source of attraction for Hong Kong students.

Firstly, tuition fees at mainland universities are lower; secondly, the Hong Kong government provides up to 15,000 Hong Kong dollars to support students studying in Mainland universities.

As many as 14,147 Hong Kong students have been admitted into mainland universities to-date.

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