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BU’s Tuition, Room and Board to Rise 3.7 Percent


Undergraduates will see more than $195 million in financial aid

Tuition at Boston Universityfor the 2014-2015 academic year will rise to $45,686 and the cost of basic room and board to $14,030. Next year’s costs, set by the Board of Trustees, amount to an overall increase of 3.7 percent, with a 3.9 percent increase in tuition and a 3.0 percent increase in standard room and board. Tuition increases at the University have averaged 3.8 percent over the past five years.

In a letter sent last Friday to students and parents, President Robert A. Brown described BU’s five-year average increase as one of the lowest among peer universities. Brown said the University expects that approximately 8,100 undergraduate students (51 percent) will receive financial aid from the University, amounting to over $195 million.

“We recognize the need to control the cost of attendance for our students and parents,” the president wrote. “As we have developed a budget for the coming year, we have continued our efforts to raise the quality of a Boston University education and improve support services while expanding our capacity to offer financial assistance.”

Brown reminded readers that the University is halfway through its first comprehensive campaign to raise $1 billion, and that building the endowment to support financial aid is a major focus of the campaign. He encouraged students and parents to read about the “many signs of the University’s commitment to enhanced quality and innovation in undergraduate education” in the Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013.

Brown said the University is working to enhance quality and control expenses, especially in areas outside classrooms and laboratories. He noted that some of the University’s increased expenses for next year are caused by unavoidable factors, such as the greater cost of employee benefits, especially health care, and energy.

“We know parents and students make substantial sacrifices to pay tuition at Boston University,” the president wrote. “We remain committed to our mission of high quality education and will continue to address the challenges of balancing quality and cost that go with this commitment.”

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