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2 universities setting records for keeping students

University of Colorado

Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder are setting records in the number of students they retain.

Both schools are seeing their highest retention rates in decades.

CU has several programs aimed at keeping students in school, including one that focuses specifically on math which is a subject that can be a big challenge to students.

The retention rates look at how many freshman from the fall semester of 2012 came back for the spring semester of 2013.

CU had an 85 percent retention rate, the highest since 1990.

CSU’s retention rate during that same period was 86.6 percent, their highest rate in 20 years.

CSU’s retention rate was so successful that other schools are calling them asking how they did it.

The Colorado School of Mines recorded its highest retention rate for freshmen ever, from the fall 2012 to the spring of 2013. The school had a 97.7% retention rate of those students.

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