Lesley University reduces tuition costs

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Lesley UniversityLesley University is changing its undergraduate tuition pricing model. The objective is to reduce the tuition price and tuition discounting so that more people see the actual cost of attending Lesley.

Lesley University has two undergraduate schools — the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with current tuition of $32,000, and the College of Art and Design with current tuition of $30,600. Effective fall 2014, the tuition rate at both schools will be $24,000.

Higher education tuition rates are increasing faster than average family income and financial capacity. The majority of students at Lesley and many other private universities rely on institutional aid to make higher education affordable. However, the high list price turns many potential students away from pursuing a private university education because they think they can’t afford it.

Lesley’s new pricing model more closely aligns the university’s tuition price with real costs. Any tuition increases in the future will be applied to the new, lower tuition rate. That translates into smaller increases for students and their families from 2014-15 until degree completion.

Lesley University serves 7,500 students per year, has an endowment of $173 million, and an A- rating from Standard and Poor’s. In addition to a transformative gift of $136 million, in the past decade Lesley has added a third campus in Cambridge, acquired 15 new buildings, including two newly constructed residence halls, and is currently in the process of building a $48 million arts center in Porter Square.

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