Tuesday , 19 September 2017
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Restore tax exempt status to private universities- PUSAG appeals


The Private Universities Students’ Association of Ghana (PUSAG) has called on government to restore the tax exempt status on private universities.

A statement signed by the President of PUSAG by Elias Zigah said any attempt to impose taxes on the private universities will lead to increase in tuition fees.

The statement said government’s intent to tax the private universities shows that it does not recognise the complementary role being played by the private universities.

“Each and every year, private universities pay affiliation fees to the National Accreditation Board and the affiliated public universities.

Meanwhile, they do not benefit from the GETFund, state scholarships, and states funding for research and others,” the statement said, adding, the universities are going to be saddled with additional cost if the tax is imposed.

“We must acknowledge that the advanced countries developed on the backbone of education and it is because private universities are mostly dominant and they are tax exempted.

“We are therefore appealing to government to support private universities to make things flexible for the students’ admissions and their tuition fees by supporting these institutions.”

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