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Saïd B-school goes online way

Saïd B-school

Saïd B-school

The B-school wants to deliver more content online, to students and alumni; aims to launch courses online

Saïd Business School, of the University of Oxford, UK, is looking to expand its presence in the online segment. The B-school wants to deliver more content online, to students and alumni, and aims to launch courses online.

Peter Tufano, Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School, says, “Taking into account the demand for content on the online platform, from alumni and students, we are considering online courses and delivering more content online.”

Saïd Business School recently introduced the global opportunities and threats programme (GOTO), focussed on the theme demography this year, which is being delivered online.

As part of this programme, students and over 800 alumni members would interact via the internet and present projects and cases on the topic. The alumni would act as mentors to the students and help them in their projects. In the next few weeks, students would be required to present their project ideas on the theme.

Alumni from the US, the UK and India are part of this programme. “The GOTO programme is a part of the long-standing requirement of our programme that students prepare an action-oriented business plan,” Tufano says. “The GOTO material sets the stage for this required part of our curriculum and is an integral part of our curriculum. All MBA and Executive MBA students are participating in the GOTO programme, and we have over 800 alumni also signed up to participate.”

In the next few years, GOTO would focus on topics such as big data and natural resources.

Newer areas such as programme management are also seeing traction at Saïd Business School. Paul Chapman, Director of the MSc in Major Programme Management and Executive Director of the BT Centre for Major Programmes Management, says this course pertains to major projects. It also includes big companies, and small and medium enterprises.

The average number of years of management experience of individuals pursuing this course is seven years.

In terms of India-cases, the dean says faculty members have worked on cases in finance, mortgage regulation, retailing and International Financial Reporting Standards adoption. Further, the business school plans to expand its suite of scholarships. “We are growing our range of scholarships this year and are talking to our alumni to raise funds,” says Tufano. In executive education too, the institute is working on forging additional tie-ups in India.

Students at the institute continue to focus on entrepreneurship, due to emerging opportunities, with social ventures topping the list. Tufano says the job markets are slowing, and additional visa rules are not helping, either. “Our global student body, with more than 90 per cent coming from outside the UK, are finding opportunities all around the globe. But given their global job searches, this process is progressing more slowly for some than in the past few years. We continue to actively support them, and other alumni, in their careers. Students at our School have long been drawn to entrepreneurship, and this continues to be the case this year,” he says. (Business Standard)

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