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Perfect Charitable Careers for Passionate Students

Perfect Charitable CareersThe point of getting a job isn’t just to make money; it’s to use your acquired skills and talent to make a difference in the lives of others through services. In the United States, jobs geared towards helping people make a positive change in society are readily available. Anyone who‘s passionate about helping others will enjoy careers in human services.

Growth of human services jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that human services are one industry that’s slated to experience growth in the next three to seven years. By 2016, it’s expected to grow by 34%–that’s 114,000 new jobs for Americans. Social and human services assistant jobs will grow by 28% by 2020, significantly faster than the average for all jobs in the country.

The increased demand for elderly care is a factor in the growth of human services jobs. America’s senior population is growing and they’ll require special health care. Aside from that, individuals dealing with substance abuse and pregnant teens are also going to benefit from human service providers like counselors and social workers.

Human services careers options for students

Idealism and a genuine desire to care for others make a great human services worker. Passionate students will be able to make a living and find fulfillment by choosing any of the following careers:

–  Nursing aide

–  Community outreach worker

–  Mental health aide

–  Family counselor/therapist

–  Gerontologist

–  Social worker

–  Psychologist

–  Sociologist

–  Ultrasound technicians

–  Halfway house counselor

–  Child abuse worker

–  Parole and probation officer

Salaries in human services jobs

Salaries for human services workers vary. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has relevant salary information as well as federal benefits in its website for federal employees. Students have the option to work for the private sector, government, or put up their own practice.

According to, the expected median salary for the average human services worker in the U.S. is $23,163. This is computed based on surveys conducted from various HR departments in the country. Other similar websites, like MyFootPath, provide a closer look at what these people can make:

–  Psychologists, $64,000

–  Guidance counselors, $51,000

–  Sociologists, $68,000

–  Substance abuse counselors, $37,000

–  Social workers, $46,000

How to earn a degree in human services

Numerous options are available to students who want to pursue a career in human services. There are certification programs, 2-year associate’s degree, and 4-year bachelor’s degree programs. Below are some human services jobs and their respective requirements:

–  Counselors: master’s degree, teaching certificates, and licensure

–  Psychologists: doctoral degree and licensure

–  Sociologists: bachelor’s degree (for entry-level positions), master’s degree (for administrative and research positions), and PhD degree (high level research and teaching positions)

–  Social workers: bachelor’s degree in social work, and master’s degree (for educational positions)

–  Ultrasound technician: bachelor’s degree before getting in an ultrasound technician school.

Remember that a bachelor’s degree is required before enrolling in any human services program, which is available in various universities and online schools.

So is a career in human services ideal for you?

Financially, this is a good industry to be in. Human services pay well but for an individual who’s more concerned with helping others, this is definitely the perfect choice.

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