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Brazilian student talks about Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

This academic year many Brazilian students crossed borders of their country to obtain new study experience in foreign universities. As a part of ‘Science Without Borders’ project, developed by the government of Brazil and coordinated by Nuffic, 21,000 of students spreaded around the world for a year, attending study programmes at universities in USA, Canada, Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, the UK, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

One of them, Guido Guimbard, chose Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences for his abroad education, and became one of 350 student from Brazil who came to the Netherlands this year. Now, few weeks within his studies, Guido shares first experience about Wittenborg UAS, his course, and the city of Apeldoorn.

Guido currently experiences Communication and Logistics, as well as Dutch language and Food Supply Management subjects. He says that project weeks system as a form of education is totally new for him. It gives him a lot of new impressions and teaches how to work in group, where everyone has its own role, but at the same time is responsible for the whole team.

Speaking about students of the university, Guido pays attention on their friendliness and openness, that helps so much with adaptation to new country and environment. To provide an example, he tells about his first day at new house, when his neighbors came to him and asked if he is new and need any help. He also enjoys international atmosphere of the university, where students from different countries live and study under one roof and share knowledge about their cultures, language, and traditions.

Guido also mentions Apeldoorn as a small peaceful city, where he likes to cycle around and meet other students.

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