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More UAE students flock to free zone universities

UAE StudentsIt is remarkable that almost half the total number of university students in Dubai are attending institutions in the educational free zones, and more remarkable that this large percentage includes 43 per cent of Emirati students, a local daily commented.

“Figures show how the idea of Dubai becoming an educational hub for the region is also benefiting Dubai and the UAE. Early fears that the off-shore universities would remain just that are turning out to be happily unjustified,” Gulf News said in its editorial.

To get this far it was very important that the Government of Dubai passed Resolution Number 21 which allowed employers in both the private and public sectors to recognise the qualifications from the universities and institutions in the Dubai’s free zones.

“This mean that Emiratis were no longer discouraged from getting the qualification from the foreign universities in the free zones and these important skills are now being imported into the country to stay.” Another important development is that the male Emirati students outnumbered the female. It has become accepted that more female Emiratis get formal university qualifications than their male compatriots because so many men go into the armed forces, government service and other employments without a degree.

It is very encouraging to see so many men deciding to stay out of government service and to get the valuable university education that will hugely benefit the UAE of the future, the paper concluded.

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