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GasTOPS strengthens Carleton ties with new entrance scholarship for top engineering students

Carleton UniversityThe Dave Muir Scholarship in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, endowed with a $200, 000 gift from GasTOPS, will be awarded to select engineering students entering Carleton University starting in the fall of 2013. The award will help Carleton continue to attract top applicants to these programs, with winners selected on academic merit.

“It is our way of contributing back to Carleton University,” said Dave Muir, Carleton graduate and President and CEO of GasTOPS. “The university played a prominent role in my own education and in my professional career. In addition to my personal connection, GasTOPS has a close-knit connection to the university based on collaborative research development projects. This scholarship was created to recognize these close ties.”

“The scholarship will provide substantial financial support for some of the most outstanding students entering our undergraduate programs,“ said Metin Yaras, professor and chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. “Furthermore, the honour that comes with holding this scholarship will provide these students with even stronger motivation to excel in their engineering training. We are very grateful to Dave Muir and GasTOPS for establishing this scholarship.”

GasTOPS’ connection to the university started with its founder, Bernie MacIsaac, and continues with Muir and many GasTOPS employees today. In fact, Muir recognizes Carleton’s co-op program as the company’s most important recruiting tool. The organization has had many students join its engineering team since the co-op program began, and often many have become permanent employees of GasTOPS following graduation.

“We hire a lot of Carleton students and we have some really top-notch people here,” said Muir. “The co-op program is very attractive due to the fact that students can stay with us for 14 months. You can really get them tightly integrated in that time. They become part of our team and that makes it very easy to hire them when there is an opportunity.”

Co-op students from Carleton are put to work on projects, often with consulting professors. This mentorship is an integral part of GasTOPS’ training for its young engineers.

“We choose Carleton students because they are some of the best around and they are often working or collaborating on projects that are very relevant to what we are doing as a company,” said Muir. “I think it’s a great experience for students away from the classroom and working in our industry.”

The David Muir scholarship is worth $7,500 the first year and is renewable at up to $4,000 a year based on academic performance. During their enrolment, the recipient must also demonstrate community service and be enrolled in a mechanical or aerospace engineering program. Deadline for scholarship applications is April 5, 2013.

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