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AUD hosts Campus Abroad by Bocconi University

American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai

For the fourth year in a row, the American University in Dubai (AUD) hosted the Campus Abroad Programme organized by one of its partner institution, l’Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Italy.

From January 20 to February 7, around 30 students participated in a full programme of panel discussions and lectures, which covered topics in Political Science, the Arab Spring, the Middle East, its environment and sustainability, and the role of women in society.

Field trips along with social and cultural meetings were also organized by AUD, through its External Relations Office, where the Bocconi group had the opportunity to visit prominent government organizations like Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Courts and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

“It is in the mission of AUD and the External Relations Office to promote such study abroad programs. Bocconi University has been conducting this programme for 4 years now at AUD and will hopefully continue to do so, as it is a great success every year,” comments Ms. Ghalia Ballan, External Relations Manager at AUD.

Campus Abroad is a short-term programme that Università Bocconi organizes in cooperation with partner universities around the world, including the American University in Dubai for its Middle East edition. It offers students the opportunity to explore new countries, develop new insights and work on live case studies.

Professor Paolo Roberto Graziano, Associate Professor at the Bocconi University Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management taught the programme over the 3-week period along with another professor from AUD. Professor Graziano comments, “This is the fourth edition of the Campus Abroad Program, which has provided the opportunity to 30 Bocconi students to fully appreciate AUD and its cultural openness. This year the course followed by Bocconi students was ‘Political Science’ – taught both by Bocconi and AUD faculty – and they enjoyed the opportunity of discussing general topics in political science such as civil society and political developments. This was particularly stimulating in a context that proved fruitful for a better understanding of the links between economic development and power structures. Furthermore, the students enjoyed meeting the local business community and gained important knowledge of the legal and political framework of the UAE.”

Dr. Deniz Gِkalp, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at AUD, gave the students two lectures on topics related to the Middle East and the Arab Spring among others.

“It was a great pleasure meeting and teaching the Bocconi students. They were a group of young Italian intellectuals sincerely interested in learning about Dubai, the UAE and the Middle East.

The Programme aims to create a bridge between the conceptual theories, methodologies and techniques taught in class and their application to real case studies in organizations, public institutions and business companies. It also aims to familiarize students with the international environment through lectures and meetings with the local institutions and business community.

“The best part of study abroad programs is the social and intellectual exchange, which takes place between students from different countries and regions of the world. There are a lot of good lessons that they can teach each other about their politics, cultures and societies,” concludes Dr. Gِkalp. 

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