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Top 10 U.S. Universities offering the best in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering is among the complex courses offered to those with profound interest in the fields of mathematics, electronics and computer science. Given the complexity of work awaiting for students completing such degree, a thorough preparation is necessary. This is the rationale behind choosing the best college or university offering Electrical Engineering courses at high standards, beforehand. In the United States, numerous colleges and universities are offering the course but not all are of high quality.

Listed below are the Top Ten Universities and Colleges in the United States holding a prime reputation in the field of Electrical Engineering.

1. MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

For so many years, the MIT has been globally known for the best quality education it offers to students, as manifested by the number of MIT graduates landing in high-profile workplaces. As the years go by, the institution is aiming to advance the knowledge and practices it has, especially in the field of science, technology and other areas of study including electrical engineering. This is done to better equip their students with the knowledge and skills needed to face the real world, today and in the next years to come.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is one of the biggest departments at MIT that combines the rigor of science, power of engineering and surprising discovery.

In 2012, the MIT ranked first in the world university rankings based on the data provided by the US News. The institution scored 100 percent in terms of academic reputation, 94.6 percent for employer reputation and 90.7 for its citations per paper. Overall, it posted 95.6 percent, a figure that lifted MIT on top among other colleges and universities across the United States.

2. Stanford University:

Since its founding in 1885, Stanford University has been listed among the leading research and teaching institutions in the world. It is also known for offering academic and extracurricular activities that are of best quality. In the U.S., Stanford is likewise recognized for having the most renowned facilities.

Electrical Engineering course at Stanford is comprised of integrated electronics systems, photonics/EM/quantum, hardware/software systems/information systems, bio-EE and energy environment.

In the 2012 ranking, Stanford University stood next to MIT, with academic reputation score of 95.8, employer reputation at 89.4, citations per paper at 96.5, for an overall average score of 94.1.

3. UCB or University of California, Berkeley:

UCB is also known globally as Cal, a renowned university in California, offering quality academic courses.

Electrical Engineering course at the UCB involves the study of physics, chemistry and economics. Complex as it is, engineering students at Cal are also trained to create credible and verifiable software and security systems for the masses, all for the goal to secure the cyber-future.

In last year’s university rankings, the UCB scored an average total of 90.0, with academic reputation of 92.2, employer reputation of 85.5, and citations per paper score of 91.6. 

4. Harvard University:

By vote of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony, Harvard College was established in 1636. It is regarded as the oldest institution in the United States that once started to operate with only nine pioneering students. Since then, its population constantly grew up until its enrollment got to over 18,000 degree candidates comprising of undergraduates and academic students.

Electrical Engineering at Harvard has a wide range of coverage from research areas on devices like robotics and lasers to systems like computer architecture and human brain. Basically its practice infused fundamental science and mathematics.

Harvard University placed 4th in the 2012 university rankings with overall average score of 86.8. It scored 83.4 for its academic reputation, 90.0 for its employer reputation and 88.0 for its citations per paper.

5. UCLA or University of California, Los Angeles:

Used to be a State Normal School, the UCLA in Southern California started with a two-year offer of instruction in Letters and Science. It started as very small institution that grew up in size year after year, until it offered three- and four-year courses in 1919 when it officially became the Southern Branch of the University of California. Its most recent building program is considered the largest and most highly respected in the world.

Research areas for Electrical Engineering at the UCLA covers circuits and embedded systems, physical and wave electronics and signals and systems.

The UCLA emerged fifth in last year’s university ranking in the United States, garnering a total average score of 86.3. The institution scored 87.5 for its academic reputation, 78.5 for its employer reputation and 92.6 for its citations per paper.

6. UIUC or University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

Located at Urbana, Illinois, the UIUC is best known for its Life and Sciences and Medicine courses, along with other disciplines like Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Engineering and Technology.

Electrical Engineering at the UIUC is indeed complex as it covers a wide range of engineering studies from digital information technology to advanced robotics.

In the 2012 U.S. University rankings, the UIUC ranked 6th with a total average score of 83.2. It posted a highest score on its citations per paper with 92.4, followed by its academic reputation at 88.6 and employer reputation at 66.8.

7. Princeton University:

It is a research university deemed among the oldest institutions in the United States, known for its distinctive academic teaching, extracurricular activities and other resources.

Electrical Engineering at Princeton encompasses the basics of engineering and cutting-edge applications, combined with elective courses in liberal arts and entrepreneurship. All these made it the school of engineering and applied science.

Princeton University occupies the 7th place in the 2012 U.S. University ranking with 83.1 overall average score, 81.4 academic reputation score, 79.1 employer reputation and 89.4 citations per paper score.

8. CMU or Carnegie Mellon University:

CMU is known for its cutting-edge Electrical and Computer Engineering discipline. In fact, ECE is among the largest departments on the campus with more advanced research areas including cyber-security, nano-enabled technology and information processing and storage.

In last year’s university rankings, it placed 8th with 82.9 overall average score. It scored 79.9 on its academic reputation, 81.6 on its employer reputation and 88.1 on citations per paper. Education, research and outreach are the focal aspects the university infused.

9. Georgia Institute of Technology:

Bounded by a commitment to improve human condition through advanced science and technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology is among the top research universities in the United States that emerged among the best in the United States.

At Georgia Tech, ECE covers advanced research on electrical energy systems operations, robotics, computer network security, enhanced distance learning technology, speech analysis and recognition and medical imaging. The university also earns an honor for being the largest producer of computer and electrical engineers in the United States.

In the most recent rankings by U.S. News, Georgia Institute of Technology emerged at number 9 in the top ten with overall score of 82.8, academic reputation at 84.7, employer reputation at 80.0 and citations per paper at 83.1.

10. Caltech or California Institute of Technology:

Caltech holds the reputation for having a century-long record of excellence, innovation and training in Electrical Engineering discipline.

EE at Caltech encompasses the fundamentals of electronics and systems, entrenched with the field’s multi-disciplinary nature. Complex subjects include wireless systems, modern optics, quantum electronics and computational vision to name a few.

In the 2012 university ranking by the U.S. News, Caltech appeared in the 10th place, with overall average score of 82.1. Its academic reputation score was 90.2, employer reputation was 67.5 and 86.0 on its citations per paper.

Other Electrical Engineering (EE) universities providing high-quality education outside the U.S., also surfaced in the most recent rankings published by the U.S. News, giving students from other countries an opportunity to be molded among the best engineers in the future. (US News)

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