Top Ten Colleges and Universities with Highest Acceptance Rates

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Top Ten Colleges and Universities with Highest Acceptance Rates
Top Ten Colleges

Top Ten Colleges and Universities with Highest Acceptance RatesOften times, colleges and universities set high standards for students’ college admissions and would only accept students who seize their specified qualifications. Yet, there are also some college institutions that welcome every applicant, regardless of their background and credentials. This is manifested by the result of a relevant survey conducted by the US News in 2011 fall, showing hundreds of colleges and universities with high acceptance rates.

Subsequently listed are ten of these hundred colleges and universities among the upper level institutions with a hundred percent acceptance rates based on last year’s poll result.

1. Academy of Art University is topping the list with 100 percent acceptance rate in fall 2011. The university is owned by Stephens Institute and was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. It is situated in San Francisco, California and with a total undergraduate enrollment of 12,205 to date. The school is also regarded as “for-profit institution” with a tuition fee of $23,240 for 2012-2013 academic years. It is known for offering educational programs relevant to arts and design.

2. The American Public University System is an exclusive institution comprised of the American Military University and the American Public University. It is a private “for-profit” learning institution offering higher education. Students have to pay of $7,500 for the 2012-2013 academic periods. It has an acceptance rate of 100 percent for 2011 fall. The school is known for offering education that centers on the nation’s military and public service community.

3. Baker College of Flint is an accredited private, non-profit American college founded in 1911. Its main campus is located in Flint, Michigan. With friendly and personal environment, the school garners a 100 percent acceptance rate in fall 2011. Students are obliged to pay for tuition and fees worth $7,740 for the 2012-2013 academic years. Baker College of Flint is also regarded as the largest private college in the state of Michigan, offering more than 140 majors.

4. Boston Architectural College is the largest independent college with spatial design, located in New England. It was originally established on 1889 and formerly known as the Boston Architectural Center. The school offers both bachelor and master degrees that center on interior design and architecture. Its current academic calendar tuition fee is $17,330. It is also has a 100 percent acceptance rate in the 2011 fall.

5. Chancellor University is a private “for-profit” university in Cleveland, Ohio. It was initially founded in 1848 with its former name Folsom’s Mercantile College. It is a less selective school, having a 100 percent acceptance rate. The tuition fee for 2011-2012 academic calendars at Chancellor University is $ $10,500.

6. College of St. Thomas More is a private Catholic, liberal arts institution with 100 percent admission rate. The school is utilizing a semester-based academic calendar and ranked as National Liberal Arts Colleges, Tier 2 in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges having a tuition fee of $12,800 for the academic period of 2011-2012.

7. CUNY– College of Staten Island is a public institution, and among the other four-year senior colleges in the City University of New York system.Founded in 1955, the university offers programs in both professional arts and sciences studies that will lead students towards earning a bachelor or associate degree. Its acceptance rate in 2011 fall is 100 percent. Tuition and fees for the whole academic calendar in this institution is $5,858.

8. CUNY– Medgar Evers College is a public senior college of New York’s City University and was officially established in 1969. Its 2011-2012 tuition fee is $5,432. The school also has posted a 100 percent acceptance rate based on the 2011 fall data. The school offers students with various programs that center in the field of business, education, nursing, social sciences, and others.

9. Daytona State College is a public college institution founded in 1957, and a member of the Florida College System. The university offers Associate of Arts, degrees for Associate Science and four bachelor degrees. With its very affordable in-state tuition fees at $3,124, the school has an acceptance rate of 100 percent.

10. Fisk University established in the year 1866, Fisk University is a coeducational private institution that is also listed among the institutions having a hundred percent acceptance rate in the 2011 fall. It is also regarded among America’s premier Historically Black Universities and the first Black College to be endowed with a Beta Kappa Honor Society chapter.

Students who will submit applications to these schools need not to worry as the chance of receiving a “Congratulations” message is at a 100 percent. This means their applications will be approved.

Source: USNews

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